Mitch McConnell Reminds Me of (insert name)

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 3, 2010

Mason Verger.

At first, I thought he reminded me of my aunt…without makeup.  But now I’m sure.

He’s Mason Verger.

You remember Mason Verger, don’t you?  He was the guy that Hannibal Lecter convinced to slice off his face with pieces of a broken mirror.  I think he fed his face to his dog, or something.  It was from the movie Hannibal.  How could I have missed it for so long?  Even the voice is the same, but I must admit, he pronounces his words better now that he’s put on a little weight.  Ach!  Who am I kidding?  Now that he’s put on a LOT of weight.

I wonder where he found a decent pair of lips?

Who does he remind you of?  Feel free to tell us.

“Now that’s entertainment!”


14 Responses to “Mitch McConnell Reminds Me of (insert name)”

  1. Liberty4all said

    Well there’s some adult commentary.

  2. Liberty4all said

    Tax cuts for the rich!

    Hey if the rich recieved 1/3rd of the Bush tax cut, who recieved the other 2/3rds?

  3. Liberty4all said

    I know and I’ve seen you call Cesca on his exagerations…
    But sometimes I wonder about you sometimes.

    bonus points though, however the guy is off the hook.
    (I’d like to capitalize that but I won’t)
    “ALL about race”


    One commentor chimed in to all the people saying ” where were you whe Bush was there”….

    He said – ” Ever hear of the straw that broke the camels back ” ?

    If Barak had tackeled some of the out of control spending, this tea party
    movement, which I am a part of.. as you have to know! ( gov freaking sucks money
    from me every YEAR! )

    they wouldn’t really be so upset.

    I fraking have been hammering against government spending since 1994.



    Please give my disregards to the pea brain that calls himself Bob Cesca.
    what a fuckbrain.

  4. Liberty4all said

    C’mon man where did the other 2/3rds go??????????

  5. EasyRider said

    Nancy Pelosi and Bruce Jenner are actually sisters separated at birth. BruceAnne opted for steroids in high school to make the track and field team.

  6. Baltimore Reggie said

    So who does Barney Frank remind you of?

    Allow me to suggest the good ole generic pedophile down the street, complete with drool and bad teeth. But he is a lib and Jewish and as such off limits.How easily we forget that this pedophile housed an underaged page in his condo who was running a male escort service. Its all good, keeping it real.

    Watabout the thankfully deceased John Murtha? Victim of socialized medicine itself….the US military medical system. Had surgery at Walter Reid and badda bing badda boom that fat boy is really dead though he looked like a corpse for at least that past ten years.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      no, no, no. Barney is NOT off limits! Not at all!
      If only he were bald, he would be the perfect, gay, Elmer Fudd.

  7. JoeyTheDog said

    Can’t believe I came across this – I had the same thought! I think they are actually the same person.


  8. ruben said

    he ate his own face.

  9. dinheiro já…

    […]Mitch McConnell Reminds Me of (insert name) « POLITICAL PARTY POOPER[…]…

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