Why Do American Taxpayers Pay For Primary Elections?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 27, 2010

Today, we shall focus on Primary elections.  Seeing as how many people who stop by here are Independents, and are also concerned about the taxes they pay, I thought I’d open a can of worms that few people ever talk about.  Let’s talk about Primary Election funding.  I can sum it up in twenty-seven words.

Primary elections are paid for by the residents of the jurisdiction, they are included in the budget of the Election Board as provided for by the Legislature.

What are Primary elections about?  The simplest answer is that Primaries are about narrowing the field of candidates for a General election, whatever that election be for, such as a Presidential, Congressional, or local office .  To simplify it even further, typically, in the United States, the Primary Election is all about choosing a Party Candidate to run in the General Election.  Primary Elections are the tool by which the two political parties, Republicans and Democrats, choose their candidates.

Does it seem odd to you that local citizens are forced to pay for a political party’s candidate selection process?  Isn’t that something the political party ought to pay for?  After all, it’s their gig, it’s for their benefit, why are taxpayers footing the bill for their election?  And we DO KNOW that these are Party Elections, because the Supreme Court has called them such.

With a cost of around $33 Million per State (averaged), the total bill is over $1.6 Billion for these elections across the nation.  That includes money for poll workers, sites, ballot counting, and all of the other things necessary for a fair election process.

So the question I want answered by political party supporters is; Why are we, the taxpayers, paying for your political party’s election?

It’s not constitutional, and in fact, I’d have to say that if anything, it’s probably illegal.    Especially considering that no political party in America has the legal authority to tax citizens for their election.  So, let’s hear from the party supporters.  Let’s hear your excuses.

And then, maybe, we’ll go to court to resolve this, and make the Republicans and Democrats pay for their own elections.     Ω


3 Responses to “Why Do American Taxpayers Pay For Primary Elections?”

  1. I must admit bro, your blog is simply stunning. I found it simply by scanning around Yahoo and imo I am immensely thankful that I did. Keep it up. On a sidenote, http://videotrends.net/ has the first video footage I’ve seen on this event.

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  3. d.eris said

    Thanks for this info, I’ve been looking for a state-by-state breakdown of the costs of administering party primary elections, and haven’t had much luck, but this is the best rundown I’ve seen yet. Do you have links to sources for the info in this article? Great post btw, was actually planning on making much the same point in an upcoming article of my own.

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