A Republican Takeover of Health Care

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 27, 2010

What does a Republican takeover of health care in America look like?

* Over 13 Million Americans being discriminated against by insurance companies because of pre-existing conditions. T H I R T E E N   M I L L I O N   A M E R I C A N S
* Over 40 Million Americans living without health insurance of any kind.
* 40,000 American citizens dying every year due to a lack of health insurance.
* Rising health care costs that are making insurance and medical care more unaffordable for thousands of Americans every day.
* Medicare becoming insolvent because Republicans don’t think anything needs to be done.
* Hundreds of thousands of Americans having their insurance policy rescinded because they happened to get sick…which is EXACTLY what the insurance companies say they are there for.
* Victims of domestic violence being denied insurance because Insurers call domestic abuse a pre-existing condition
* 60% of Americans want a health care reform bill. A Republican takeover of health care will deny them that.
* Republicans say they are strong on National Security, yet under a Republican Takeover of Health care in America, a 9/11 style massacre of Americans will continue to take place each month, as more than 3,300 Americans die every month due to a lack of health insurance.

A Republican takeover of healthcare…looks exactly like their reputation tells you it would look like.  Their ability to do nothing in the face of a national crisis is epic.    Ω


12 Responses to “A Republican Takeover of Health Care”

  1. Liberty4all said

    National Crisis?

    Listen to some common sense, man:


    • politicalpartypooper said

      Common Sense? Okay, Junior, let me give you a lesson here.

      First, the 85% of people who have EARNED insurance through their employers? He forgets one basic fact. Amongst that 85% is the medicaid class, who’ve not earned insurance, but have been given insurance because they are too poor to afford it.

      The people who are being left out are the people who make too much money to qualify for medicare, but have a pre-existing condition, or have seen their insurance costs rise so high that they can no longer afford it. Do you get that? These people are MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE. And you are going to call them weak? Mike Rogers needs an education, and so do you. You call small business owners weak, people who create jobs but have been fucked by their insurers, and then have people like you and Mr. Rogers calling them weak.

      You conservatives have become so pathetic in your lies and in your generalizations. I suppose all this time, you thought it was a bunch of poor people who were too lazy to get a job who needed the insurance, huh? That’s exactly what Mr. Rogers and his Republican neighborhood believe, and it’s item number one on their Talking Points list. “Don’t have insurance? Ahhh, they must be too lazy to get a job!”

      Amongst my clientele are 120 small businesses, and in the last two years, I’ve watched as insurers have destroyed seven of their businesses, and while sixteen of them have been disqualified for coverage because they or someone in their family got sick. And you call these people weak? Mr. Rogers calls them weak?

      Has he EVER held a real job in his life? Has he ever created a single job? Has he ever done one hour’s worth of manual labor, except to flap those useless, fat jaws of his? Maybe he ought to get off his fat, lazy ass, and do an honest job for once in his life, and he might actually be in touch with what is going on in the real world, rather than accepting thousands in bribes from insurers and Phrma for making sure nothing is changed.

      How many jobs have you created? You and Mr. Rogers are hell bent on fucking the BUSINESS CLASS. Good luck with that. Your lies are being exposed. Deal with it.

  2. Med said

    40,000 people do not die each year from a lack of health insurance but rather from disease that could be prevented. Here are a few facts.

    1. 350,000 people die each year from cigarettes. Is an executive fron Blue Cross gonna pull that cig from your lips?
    2. 47,000 people die each year in motor vehicle accidents. 17,000 are due to drunk frivers. How many others are due to vehicles that are uninspected or drivers that are incapacitated due to medical conditions.
    3. 20-30% of medical expenses are for needless test and studies that are ordered to avod a malpractice suit. As a physician I will order a CT scan at the blink of an eye for abdominal pain in that 67 year old male just in case of hat 0.8% chance that it is a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Cost effective? Not when you look at the aggregate population at risk. But if I miss this obscure diagnosis the family will have me in court. We need tort reform.
    4. Patient responsibility. Who will coerce patients into losing weight, exercisning, eating low fat high fiber foods, quitting booze? Can we afford to allow such behaviors?

    Everyone likes to point at health care systems in Europe and outcomes. Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, are very homogenous populations with a low incidence of diabetes, higher level of education, and a culture that promotes activity and well being.

    Universal health insurance will not change disease prevalence or mortality rates in the US.

    I do believe in universal health care as well as universal access to all the essentials for living: shelter, food, education, transportation. Lets go all the way.

  3. Zzomby said

    Thanks for the information! For a long time searched. A class site!

    • Barack Soetoro said

      Here is garlic for the bloodsucking libs….facts:

      Health insurance companies are amongst the least profitable of all America’s industries. Here are 2008’s rankings done by Fortune magazine:

      2008 Industry Rank as % of Revenues
      1 Network and Other Communications Equipment 20.4
      2 Internet Services and Retailing 19.4
      3 Pharmaceuticals 19.3
      4 Medical Products and Equipment 16.3
      5 Railroads 12.6
      6 Financial Data Services 11.7
      7 Mining, Crude-Oil production 11.5
      8 Securities 10.7
      9 Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 10.2
      10 Scientific, Photographic, and Control Equipment 9.9
      11 Household and Personal Products 8.7
      12 Utilities: Gas and Electric 8.7
      13 Aerospace and Defense 7.6
      14 Food Services 7.1
      15 Industrial Machinery 6.9
      16 Food Consumer Products 6.7
      17 Electronics, Electrical Equipment 6.5
      18 Commercial Banks 5.2
      19 Telecommunications 5.1
      20 Chemicals 5.0
      21 Construction and Farm Machinery 5.0
      22 Insurance: Life, Health (stock) 4.6
      23 Information Technology Services 4.5
      24 Computers, Office Equipment 4.3
      25 Metals 3.9
      26 Wholesalers: Diversified 3.5
      27 Insurance: Property and Casualty (stock) 3.3
      28 Specialty Retailers 3.2
      29 General Merchandisers 3.2
      30 Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services 3.0
      31 Packaging, Containers 3.0
      32 Beverages 2.9
      33 Engineering, Construction 2.7
      34 Health Care: Medical Facilities 2.4
      35 Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care 2.2
      36 Petroleum Refining 2.1
      37 Food and Drug Stores 1.5
      38 Pipelines 1.5
      39 Wholesalers: Health Care 1.3
      40 Semiconductors and Other Electronic Components 1.0
      41 Energy 0.9
      42 Home Equipment, Furnishings 0.7
      43 Food Production 0.6
      44 Wholesalers: Electronics and Office Equipment -0.3
      45 Diversified Financials -0.6
      46 Motor Vehicles and Parts -0.7
      47 Insurance: Life, Health (mutual) -3.0
      48 Hotels, Casinos, Resorts -4.5
      49 Automotive Retailing, Services -7.9
      50 Forest and Paper Products -9.6
      51 Entertainment -10.0
      52 Real Estate -13.4
      53 Airlines -13.5

      • politicalpartypooper said

        What’s your point?

      • Tony Montana said

        My point is that you are a blogger and part of the problem. You do not know the facts and report inaccurate data gathered from other bloggers.

        The point is that insurance companies are not near the top of the list of profiteers.

        I need internet access for work,so I can earn money, to pay my mortgage, to send my kids to school…. why can’t I get it for free if I cannot afford it?

        I need a car to get to work as well….will you subsidize my payments?

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