Takeover Here, Takeover There, Here a Takeover, There a Takeover, Everywhere a Takeover Takeover

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 25, 2010

It’s Thursday, February 25th, 2010.  Today is the big day!  It’s Health Care Bowl 1, being held inside of the Blair House in Washington DC, but the real action might be taking place outside of the Blair House, where Moveon.Org and the TeaPartiers will be protesting outside.  I’ve got money on the Teapartiers in the eleventh round, technical knockout, but not before they are penalized repeatedly for hitting below the belt.

Seriously, these two groups may just charge each other.

But the main event today is what Politicalpartypooper is doing.

Republicans have constantly cited the Democrats health care plan as a government takeover, so today, we are going to list all of the government takeovers in American history.  I encourage you to join in and add any I may have missed, as we continue this Republican theme of government dominance:

1. No government takeover list could ever be complete without the first government takeover in American history, a government takeover of government.

2. You civil war buffs will love this one, as it was an attempted government takeover of half the government of these United States of America.

3. A government takeover of banks

4. Another government takeover of banks

5. The government takeover of the Pony Express

6.  Government takeover of the Army

7.  A government takeover of our police force

8. A government takeover of our fire protection services

9. Government takeover of our national highway system

10. A government takeover of schools

11. A government takeover of tax collection

12. A government takeover of our public universities

13.  Government takeover of Radio

14. Government takeover of the legal system

15.  Government takeover of Land Grants

16.  Government takeover of Indians…ahem, native Americans

17.  Government takeover of Space and the moon, and Mars, and Saturn, and the Sun and on and on and on

18.  A government takeover of Natural Resources

19.  A government takeover of National Parks

20  Government takeover of World War 2

21.  A government takeover of civil rights

22. Government takeover of elections

23.  A government takeover of immigration

24. A government takeover of National monuments

25. A government takeover of our borders.

There are many, many more.  Be sure to list your favorites in the comments.   Ω


9 Responses to “Takeover Here, Takeover There, Here a Takeover, There a Takeover, Everywhere a Takeover Takeover”

  1. Jonah said

    Government takeover of our lives.

  2. Jonah said

    Medicare is $37 TRILLION in the whole. Let’s add to that…..

  3. Jonah said

    But (D) program will subtract $100 billion from the deficit over 10 years ( even though spending will increase ) …$54 billion in tort refrom is nothing….no addressing from (D)’s about how the increase in doctors as a sideffect is um….good!

    Sensible huh? We know why they don’t want to touch that.

  4. Jonah said

    Can someone explain to me what the State Department does that requires $52.8 billion
    in one year?

    That’s $144,657,534 a day.

    $144 MILLION A DAY.


  5. Jonah said

    The Company I work for which employs 40 people could survive on that for over 70 years without earning a extra penny.

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