Joseph Stack Flew His Plane into IRS Building in Austin, Texas

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 18, 2010

Joseph Stack left an internet note today. He then proceeded to make sure his wife and child were gone, and set his house on fire.

Soon after, he flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas.  At this moment, it is not known if anyone besides Stack was killed in the crash, nor how many injuries there were.

I encourage you to please read his note.  There are long portions of it that many of us might identify with.  Do it now, before the mainstream media and the government spin machine contaminate this.

I do not condone what Stack did, but upon reading his note, I can’t help but sympathize with his anger.  And if the people in power do not change the way they govern soon, I fear more Americans may attempt this kind of act as well.  The very worst thing our government could do with this story is to try to sweep Stack under the rug as just some crazy hack without a grievance.  What he wrote in his letter are emotions that many Americans are feeling right now.


3 Responses to “Joseph Stack Flew His Plane into IRS Building in Austin, Texas”

  1. Satansez said

    First, let me say that my heart & sympathy goes out to all the innocent people that Joseph Stacks’ violence and wrongful rage fell upon today. Regardless of the circumstances that brought him to this end, it was tragic in its reminiscence of the Oklahoma City bombing and the terrorist brutality of 9/11.

    Actions such as this are not the way of making positive changes happen in our government. In fact, his careless disregard for his life and others shows Americas’ weakness, not our strength.

    For all of you who ’sympathize’ with him and his issues, remember this – he had a home, a wife, a child and he owned his own business and his own plane. Do know how much it costs to own a plane? The upkeep, maintenance, gas, etc.? More money than I have, that I can assure you!

    I do not claim to know the answers of how we can, as a Nation, come together and inform our government of our discontent in their mismanagement of our money, our homes, our healthcare and our lives; but I do know that this is not the way make our voices heard. This was an act of domestic terrorism and he should not be immortalized in any manner.

    I feel it is important that every American re-read The Declaration of Independence, re-read The United States Constitution and discuss appropriate and non-violent ways to stop the bleeding our Nation is currently experiencing.

    Violence is NOT the answer …

    I wonder what the Dalai Lama thought of this today?

    • politicalpartypooper said

      thank you satansez. I hope my post didn’t imply that I am without sympathy for the victims of this act. I only hoped to convey that Stack wrote words that many Americans can relate to.

  2. Satansez said

    No, you didn’t imply that at all … in fact, yesterday I ranted on Obama’s making a very large Faux pas regarding ‘our poor’ and the study habits of children. I received comments from people agreeing with me, and others accusing me of taking his statement out of context – but I still adhere to what I posted. You may enjoy a few of my posts regarding my opinion of our government, president, etc. Pop-by and sit a spell …

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