Top Coward Bachmann Fear-Mongers the Solid Citizens of Minnesota.

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 5, 2010

If you live in Minnesota, you may recently have been exposed to a letter from ACU STRIKEFORCE, written by Michele Bachmann.  She begins it with a “Dear Fellow Conservative”, ends it with a “Sincerely”, and fills the body with the type of plutocratic, fear-mongering, propaganda that would have made Joseph McCarthy proud, and, probably more than a little afraid for his own safety.

I decided to read this letter all the way through, and even though I am familiar with rhetoric bordering on psychosis, nothing could have prepared me for the artful, deliberate, and fraudulent description of President Obama’s policies in this letter. Here are just a few examples:

Obama’s plans will do nothing less than socialize our economy and turn every citizen into a ward of the state.


Obama is advancing a far-left agenda of Socialized Medicine, government takeover of the private sector, higher taxes, increased welfare spending, censorship of conservative talk radio, and empowerment of radical community groups.


Obama is a political street fighter who learned the rules of politics from the Democrats’ Chicago Machine.



That’s the purpose behind ObamaCare, too.

But nothing grabbed my attention like this line:

Despite what some doom-and-gloomers have been saying, there is still real hope.

What Gloom and Doomers would they be, Michele?  Would they be you?

Michele Bachmann ought to be ashamed of this letter. I realize that politicians like to use rhetoric to define their opponents more clearly, but this letter goes way beyond the usual exaggerative rhetoric, and enters into an area that would be more suitable for a Quetin Tarantino film.  To say that this is fear mongering is almost to say not nearly enough.  Bachmann is inciting fear for the purposes of lining her PAC’S pockets.  And if she really is that frightened of President Obama, do Minnesotans really want her “protecting” them?  How can such a coward be effective, unless you call playing on the fears of normal Americans “effective” governing?

I call it cowardice.  I call it hiding from the real issues of the day.  I call it just another example of someone in the Republican party painting as horrible a picture of an opponent as they can to distract their constituents from their lack of any REAL ideas or substance.

And that is my last point in this post.  If you took the time to read Bachmann’s letter, you noticed by now that there were absolutely no ideas in it; just accusations and fear mongering.



9 Responses to “Top Coward Bachmann Fear-Mongers the Solid Citizens of Minnesota.”

  1. Richard said

    The president has a very challenging year ahead of him. If he is not feilding rediculuos claims by the right, he has to endure his supporters on the left peeling off to save their own necks. In reality, Massachussettes dealt Obama a critical blow. Bush was an novice spender compared to Obama. You cant avoid the crushing deficit numbers no matter how you spin it. Obamas 2011 budget still spends more than there is. If you could paint all the birthers and truthers as crazy, it would be easy to deal with the rest. But the questions raised about Obamas secrecy are legitemate. Why cant he show us the records. Why wont he show the records. What is someone to think other than there is something he is hiding.
    That is not crazy, its quite logical. Citizenship is an issue he could put to bed today, so why hasn’t he. How about those school records? Senate files? If Obama had answered all the questions, with all the documents, and if he had done what he said he was going to do, he wouldn’t be grovelling to the right wing while faced with so much defection from his own party. The reason Obama is getting so much heat is that he is a liar and a con artist like a slick car salesman. just makes you want to puke..Obama says we need jobs, how about that damn fence along the southern border.
    If we gathered up all those who broke the law to be here illegally, and sent them packing, how many jobs would that create? how about just enforcing the laws we already have.
    There is nothing the democrats can do at this point to stop reaming they will get in november. The birthers will be asking the same questions in 2012 so Obama better think up some real good excuses for why the people cant see his records from the past. When Obama realizes that he is a lame duck, about September of this year, you watch how many of his own party throw him under the bus, its happening now.
    Can you take more money from the bank than there is? If you were on a board of trustees, could you sell them on spending all there is and then a bunch more? Any congressman who supports spending programs that require more than we have, shouldn’t they be fired?
    Obama has a tough year coming up and he will be losing support the entire way. He’s just not the savoir he thinks he is and told us he was.
    If Obamas actions are a direct reflection of his understanding of economics, he should stop and step away. He clearly doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to make things better, cause its way worse now, than a year ago.
    If all you lefties carrying water for the chosen one would pull your heads out of your behinds, you would see him for what he is, an unqualified, illegitemate dispencer of bullshit. If I was a democrat, I would be pissed at Obama for letting me down. He promised so much and has delivered squat for you, while in a years time he has spent us into a hole that will take decades to dig out of. That’s if he quits spending now, which is nowhere on his list as he has said. Tax and spend is what democrats do. which is why you will have to get together and come up with some real whoppers to fool those that will ask in November “where is that birth certificate”. Weather in constant campaign mode or not.
    It’s gonna be hard for the public to keep swallowing the load of shit the administration is throwing at them.

  2. rick said

    I see how you guys at this site are.
    If someone disagrees, you dont let them post.
    Seems like the same way the president deals with questions he doesnt like

  3. Jonah said

    I do appreciate your banter with Bob. He is over the top. Now with the global warming crap.
    I mean, look, the finger lakes were carved out by glaciers. Yes there is warming, but the
    alarmists are ridiculous. Who denies science? I will bet you there are more scientific
    engineers that reason this crap out than a liberal journalist with NO science education can.
    Please, keep on keeping him in check.

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