Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 23, 2010

Since Scott Brown won the vacant Massachusetts Senate seat, politicians and pundits nationwide have sold their version of what it all means.  Republicans have trumpeted the fall of Democrats and the rise of their own, fiscally responsible brand.  Democrats, however, have been retreating and reflecting.  Some polls indicate that the Massachusetts Senate race ended up being all about defeating health care reform while other polls showed that Independents were upset that President Obama and Democrats had not acted forcefully enough in their health care legislation, nor had they been proactive enough on jobs, or harsh enough against Wall Street and banks too big to fail.

In the end, none of that matters.  Scott Brown’s election did not significantly change anything in Federal politics, despite what the Right and the Mainstream Media tell us.  Democrats still hold decisive majorities in both the Senate and the House, and they own the White House.  Sweeping Health Care Reform is still needed, and a bill sits on the table, one that has survived the Right’s most conniving attempts to kill it.  No matter what Scott Brown means to America, nothing has really changed; we are still playing the same game we were playing on Monday evening.  The same rules apply, and the same people, except for one, are still involved.

At this point, only the Democrats can make Scott Brown mean anything.  Sure, Republicans and their pundits can flap their arms and their lips, but they literally have no power in this game, and they earned that.  In 2006, Democrats regained the House and Senate, and as if that weren’t enough, in 2008, America further judged Republicans by giving Democrats a so-called fillibuster-proof majority, and the White House.  Scott Brown’s victory came too late for Republicans to stop health care reform.  The Senate passed it; it’s done.  Only Democrats can destroy Health Care Reform now, just as only Democrats could destroy it before Scott Brown was elected.  See, nothing has changed in the world of Federal politics.

Democrats are currently trying their hardest to destroy the reform they fought so hard to pass.  What stands before them is a bill written not by Republicans or Scott Brown, but by Democrats.  It’s their bill, they own it; and Republicans have agreed that it’s their bill by adding not even one line of code to it.  This bill belongs to Democrats more fully than they could ever have dreamed.  So why are they wringing their hands over it now?

Nine months have passed since Democrats began this Bratwurst.  The entire nation has watched the process.  Republicans and their demagogue machinery have run way past their oil change date, and still, the bill is written, and passed in the Senate.  But many Democrats are now trying to back away from what they have written, as they try to read the Brown tea leaves.  Maybe they wish they had never started this thing; maybe they wish it would all go away.  Wish all they want, they own this bill, and Republicans are telling everyone.  You could no more erase the last nine months than you could guarantee a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl victory this season.  The Bills have already been eliminated, and this Bill has already been written, in front of CSPAN cameras, for all eyes to see.

The only thing left for Democrats to do is to put the Brat in the bun.  This baby is theirs, and they need to own it.  They need to be proud of it, and they need to tell America that they are.  Politics is a funny business, and right now, despite Democrats getting farther on Health Care Reform than any previous House, to hear pundits talk, you would think they had failed utterly to write anything.  Do you know what else hasn’t changed, and won’t change no matter what?  Republicans will attempt to impale Democrats on this bill whether they finalize it or not.

This November, 2010, numerous Senate and House seats are up for grabs.  That means it’s game on.  Republicans will come out in droves, and their pundits will marginalize everything Democrats have accomplished, in an effort to pin all of their hopes on destroying the public image of this bill, which was completely written by Democrats.  Democrats will be judged on this one issue, whether they move forward or not.  The firing squad is already organized; there is no dodging the bullets. No matter what they do on this bill from here on, Republicans will skewer them for it.

In Federal politics, you don’t spend nine months writing a bill like this, and then walk away from it as if it never happened.  At least, you don’t walk away from it without dire consequences.  If Democrats choose to walk away from this bill now, they are, in essence, telling America that the Republicans are right.  In Federal politics, as in all wars, history is written by the victors.  The only way Democrats can lose this battle is if they walk away from this bill as it sits.  If they pause, reflect, and start over, inviting Republicans back to the table, they lose.  If they do that, they tell America that they never believed what they were selling us.  They tell us that it was never really worth the effort, and that Republicans have been right all along.  And maybe Republicans have been right all along.  Maybe this bratwurst is so far from real Progressive beliefs that they can’t bring themselves to swallow it.  If that’s the case, then why bother in the first place?

Most people agree that true Progressive ideology demands Single-Payer health care for all Americans.  Democrats have quietly been saying that this bill can get us there, if we just give it a chance.  They’ve spent nine months on this Bratwurst, and countless hours traveling the roads of the States to sell it to their constituents.  Republicans, on the other hand, have chosen to tell America that they prefer not to be a part of it. Democratic success with this bill would destroy what little credibility the Republican Party has left.

That’s it.  That’s the deal.  It’s pretty simple when you get right down to it.  Finalize this Health Care Reform Bill, and Democrats win, no matter what the Republicans have to say about it.  Not only do Democrats win, but their victory is total, because Republicans chose to lose by not engaging in the process.  Scott Brown doesn’t change that, Scott Brown doesn’t change anything.  The only people in Washington who change anything right now are Democrats and voters.  The voters are watching, Democrats.

You’ve just taken nine months of our time stuffing this bratwurst into its casing.  Are you really going to tell us that it was all for nothing, that Republicans were right all along?  In the end, if you decide to walk away from this sausage, you lose.  Politics are black and white.  You only get credit for what you get done.  No one praises you for bringing HCR two-thirds of the way home, only to drop it in the end.  If you fumble it, you lose.

That is the choice placed before you.  For fifteen long years, you have fought to gain this advantage, and bring Health Care Reform back to the table.  You visited town-halls,  listened to Americans, and won elections; to get to this one point in time.  Has it all been for nothing?  If you walk away now, you do not get to go to the polls in November, and blame the Republicans.  You don’t get to go to town -halls and say, “We got HCR two-thirds of the way there, and would have finished the job had it not been for those obstructing, nasty Republicans and their super-minority.”  No one will take you seriously.

Republicans aren’t obstructing anything.  They don’t have the numbers they need to do that.  Scott Brown came along too late for him to have any impact on this process.  His election has not changed Federal politics at all.

Only Democrats can obstruct HCR now, and if you do, America will remember it for a long, long time.  Put the Bratwurst in the bun, and eat it.  It’s yours, and so is victory if you do.



  1. Mike said

    You fail to mention that the majority of voters in the US oppose the HRC as it stands (see most recent Gallup and Rasmussen Polls), so who cares about what Congress wants. These senators and representatives were elected to act on behalf of their constituents.

    You also stretch the facts regarding why people voted for Scott Brown. The majority voted for him because they were AGAINST the HR bill, not dissatisfied with its current form.

    Health care is avaialble to everyone and yes , you have to pay for it just as you have to for food, shelter, clothing, car,etc…. all of the necessities of life.

  2. Mike, I don’t know what polls you are reading, but Independents in Massachusetts were clearly indicating that they thought Congress had not written a strong enough HCR bill. Plus, that Public option that Republicans dread so much is STILL favored by more than fifty percent of Americans. So maybe your Republicans should listen to THEIR constituents.

  3. Mike said

    The exit poll tht I cite was conducted by Zogby. Please provide a reference that states that over 50% of Americans favor a public option.

    You,like most elitist librals, incorrectly assume that anyone opposing your views is a Republican.

    Free health care, subsidized mortgages, governmet funded retirement…. why work?

    • Dr. Squid said

      Free health care, subsidized mortgages, governmet funded retirement…. why work?

      To pick up the slack left by lazy and/or malicious conservatives.

      • Mike said

        Yea right. Great response. You forgot to call me an uneducated, gun toting racist.

        The Liberal Agenda funded by George Soros lasted as long as a Chinese bottle rocket.

  4. Reuters:

    “The survey of 2,999 households by Thomson Reuters Corp (TRI.TO)(TRI.N) shows a public skeptical about the cost, quality and accessibility of medical care.

    Just under 60 percent of those surveyed said they would like a public option as part of any final healthcare reform legislation, which Republicans and a few Democrats oppose.”

    That poll was conducted on December 3, 2009. It’s the most recent poll I could find.

    I apologize for assuming that you were a Republican. But I am not a liberal. Earlier in this blog’s history, I titled myself a Libervative; a cross between a liberal and a conservative. I hate both parties, I wish all political parties were outlawed. I think that would force our elected officials to vote according to individual issues rather than entire ideologies.

  5. There is also this one:


  6. Mike said

    Data from 20JAN2010
    Sixty-one percent (61%) of U.S. voters say Congress should drop health care reform and focus on more immediate ways to improve the economy and create jobs.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of voters nationwide disagree and think Congress should press ahead with health care…

    Here is the Gallup Poll as of December 12, 2009

    Would you advise your member of Congress to vote for or against a healthcare bill this year, or do you not have an opinion?

    For the bill: 36%
    Against the bill: 43%

    The reason people are abandoning the Obama Magic Carpet ride is that they are starting to see through the smoke and mirrors. You need to cite facts from mainstream credible sources.Congress sould not shove a bill down our throats that the majority of people do not want. Most of the pro-HRC bloggers are writers, singers, carping minstrels who want free health coverage at my expense. Why should unions be exempt froma 40% tax on premium insurnace plans? Do you consider that equality?

    I am all for a welfare system and medical coverage for the truly needy, not for trust fund babies on the upper West Side trying to write that best selling novel.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Mike, as a Financial advisor, I can tell you truly that one very big impact this bill would have on the American economy is affordable, realistic health insurance for the small business sector. How do I know that? Because most of my clients are small business owners, and most of them go without insurance either because they cannot afford it, or because of a pre-existing condition. Never mind them trying to buy insurance for their employees; they can’t even get it for themselves.

      Yes, Mike, the one sector that creates more jobs than any other in America, and you want to hang them out to dry by keeping the status quo?

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