Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 19, 2010

Teabaggers have caught the Mainstream media’s attention.  For whatever reason, our national media cannot get enough coverage of them.  If only the Teabaggers weren’t associated with Republicans, and if only several of their members didn’t seem so racist, and if only their name was not three seconds away from drowning, and if only they made common sense, I might be interested.  If only.

Truth be told, I actually protested outside the Madison, Wisconsin capital last year, right next to a group of Teabaggers.  At the time, there were no racist slogans or signs, there were no Republicans in sight, and it seemed as if all they wanted was for their government to finally pay attention to their constituents.  A noteworthy cause, I would say.  But since that time, I’ve seen too many racist signs and too many Republicans exploiting them to defend them.  I want no part of any group that endorses a Republican, or any Political Party hack, for that matter.

So this post is a call to all of our elected officials to ignore the Teabaggers, and instead, to begin working on legislation that takes the money out of Lobbying, and PAC’s.

I am about to draft a letter to all of the major news networks and cable outlets, spelling out that nearly one hundred percent of Americans believe that lobbyist and PAC money is bribery and ought to be illegal.  I hope to convince many of my fellow bloggers to do the same.

My little blog doesn’t get much attention, but I am acquainted with several bloggers whose efforts reach thousands every day.  Even more importantly, these bloggers can be found both Left and Right of Center, giving credibility to my assertion that Washington could be changed if we all sought out the things we can agree upon, and acted on them.

How do you feel about the fact that Wall Street has more access to your Senator than you do?  Do you believe that it is right that the health insurance industry is able to give almost $1 Million per day to Congressional members, in an effort to shape legislation to their liking?  Do you chaff at the thought of your Congressperson never returning your call, unless you contribute $10,000 to his PAC, and then, not only does he return your call, but comes to your house and cleans your toilet for a month?  Would you like to end the appearances of bribery in Washington?  Would you consider it fair to say that until we get the money out PACs and lobbying, we’ll never see the very best legislation possible?

If any of these things grabs your attention, would you be willing to start writing the MSM, and your elected officials, and join in a REAL grassroots campaign without a name?



  1. TonyMontana said

    PPP….how can any reform in the system take place when there are only two parties? Its a stalemate.

    BTW ever wonder if those “racist” teabaggers were plants from the left ????

  2. Reality Check said

    Wazzup PPP!!!! A piece of white bread from Madison Wisconsin feels that he is entitled to label people as racists!!! Well listen here you back woods gap toothed incestous punk…go to public school in Brooklyn andthen tell me about racism.

    Liberals are candy asses

  3. I’ll tell you what Reality Chick, join the service, put your life on the line for your country, and then you can call me anything you damn well please. I think I’ve earned the right.

  4. Reality Check said

    Shiver me timbers….since when did military service immediately confer hero status? Yes, maybe if you were a Marine grunt in Fallujah 6NOV2004 or humped a SWA through the alleys of Baqubah.

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