Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 29, 2009

Christmas day, 2009, is a day which shall live in incredulity, as we remember it as the day of the Crotchbomb attack. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had a PETN Bomb sewn into the crotch of his Tighty-whities, in an attempt to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253.  And no, I’m not calling him an “alleged” terrorist; it’s obvious he attempted to blow up the plane.  He was, after all, caught red-handed, literally.  Or was it red crotched?

No matter.

What is frighteningly, and a bit humorously apparent is that Al Qaeda has become desperate.  I’ve long assumed that the leadership of Al Qaeda must be a group of boy-buggering pedophiles.  Why else send every boy off to die in their cause if not to destroy the evidence of their child-rapes?  And if they truly believed in martyrdom, wouldn’t the leaders of Al Qaeda be the first to volunteer for any suicide mission?  Nope, it’s plain;  They are Pedophiles who rape young boys, indoctrinate them, and then send them out to die to destroy the evidence of their crimes.

But Crotchbombs?  Is this a Freudian slip?  Is this in some way meant to imply that the young boy is being purged of his “sin” by initiating the explosion from the area of his bunghole, or is it nothing deeper than one, final ass-raping?  Is it, as they claim, a clever attempt to hide an explosive device.    Could it be convenience and symbolism?  We may never know, but one thing is clear; Al Qaeda is back to buggering young boys regularly again.  The proof of that is in the number of young boys they are sending out on missions.  On 28 August 2009, PETN was used in an attempt to assassinate Saudi Deputy Minister of Interior Prince Muhammad bin Nayef .  The Prince survived, but the boy died in the blast.   A PETN Bomb was sewn into his underwear.  Some reports say the bomb was actually placed into his anal cavity.  Yikes!  And yet, further evidence of their pedophilic ways.

All of this leads to one question:  Should we be prosecuting Al Qaeda for terror attacks, or Pedophilia?  Both?

bin LadenBack Mountain

The lengths to which these sick bastards will go to hide their crimes against young boys…


2 Responses to “CROTCHBOMB”

  1. Common Sense said

    PPP you are a racist scumbag. Just look at the racial remarks you made in this blog:

    1. “Tighty-whities” : What’s that supposed to mean? Are whites tighter than other races? Are people of color more promiscuous? You callin’ Oprah a Ho? Is that what I’m hearing?

    2.”Why else send every boy off to die…” Who are you calling “boy”? Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is in his twenties. Hmmm…do you hang with Joe Wilson? Where do you get your sheet and hood dry cleaned?

    3.”caught red-handed… red crotched?” Just say it…red skinned. You couldn’t ignore Native Americans in this vile, racist rant of yours!!!

    4.” Yikes! And yet, further evidence of their pedophilic ways.” Did you just say “Kikes are pedophiles” in Maureen Dowdism?. You anti-Semitic bastard! You are a hater and I’m hating on your game but still have much love for the playa…or is it the poopa?

  2. politicalpartypooper said


    Thanks for the laugh!

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