Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 28, 2009

Ten Things to look for in 2010

1.  Conservatives and Liberals, who normally disagree on everything, will find one thing to agree on in 2010:  It’s COLD in Wisconsin.

2.  Glenn Beck will be caught by NBC’s Chris Hanson, on To Catch a Predator.  During taping, he will be heard to say, “I was only here to tell little Bobby that it’s wrong to have sex with fifty- year old men.  He should be doing it with someone much younger…”

3.  The Pope will convert to Islam

4.  Al Qaeda will be awarded its own cooking reality show on CBS.  Special guests will include Martha Stewart and Dick Cheney.

5.  Bill Clinton will be voted Time’s Skank of the Year for 2010

6.  The Green Bay Packers will beat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 44

7.  Republicans will hold Townhall meetings, and manage to alienate their own mothers.  Wait…that already happened.

8.  My daughter will turn eighteen in June, and on that day, she will say to me, “You have to start growing up now.  I can’t take care of you forever.”

9.  Banks too big to fail will fail.

10.  Someone will explain to me why Twitter?


2 Responses to “TEN THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN 2010”

  1. 1. It depends on how you define the word “in.”
    2. Will never happen, since show has been cancelled by NBC.
    3. The Pope will not convert; he loves his knockwurst too
    4. Already happened. Adam Richman of “Man vs. Food”, real
    name is Achmed Richmadinejad, wants to kill us all via
    5. Was voted Skank of the Year title 4 consecutive years in
    the ’90s, Time will opt for up-and-comer Jon Gosselin.
    6. Too ridiculous to even address…..
    7. Republicans still have mothers???? I thought they had
    already been taken care of by death panels.
    8. No one takes you seriously when you claim that your
    teenager talks to you. Like that would ever happen.
    9. China will take over all American banks since they
    own most of the debt; China is too big to fail, can 1.3
    billion Chinese be wrong?
    10. No.

  2. Excellent comment, one-eyed!

    However, I do believe I nailed number 6. We’ll see.

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