Posted by politicalpartypooper on November 9, 2009

I left the following as a comment at a friend’s blog.  It was in response to the overwhelming spin the Democrat are using for why they won’t attempt Single_payer legislation.  They say it’s just not possible due to the vast opposition and the powerful corporate lobbying system.  They say Single Payer could never pass in this political climate.


“Single Payer WOULD have passed, with the help of a few smart people playing the parts of elected officials. Instead, we have the Democrats and Republicans.

Both parties govern not to provide the soundest possible legislation; rather they provide the legislation that will keep them in power. Both parties compromise the American people for the sake of “The Party”. Both parties are usually defeated before they ever get started whenever they attempt legislation which reflects their core values.

“We just can’t do it in this political climate”, “it’s not possible facing all this opposition”, are the usual platitudes we hear both party hacksters repeat over and over until the bulk of their followers succumb, and agree. Thank God our founding fathers had some balls, and some honor. Can you imagine this current group of clowns trying to write our constitution? I can’t. If we had been forced to let Republicans and Democrats face down the King, we’d still be vassals of England.

What we are getting right now, as Americans, is the lowest common denominator, and often, the path of least resistance. That’s not good enough. Yet neither party can change that way of doing things. Their very nature makes it impossible for them to do so. Group think is group think, and both parties are already defeated.

If you outlaw political parties, you will stand a chance of changing every major problem in Washington. It’s not the corporations standing in the way of change.   It’s the two parties. They are swimming in contaminated water, and rather than emptying the pool, they prefer to swim in filth and try to clean the water using bleach every so often. How has that worked?

When a party has a majority as huge as the Democrats have, and still can’t pass legislation, nay, won’t even attempt to bring legislation to a vote that would reflect their core values, what does that say about your party? Is this the best we can do? I think if you asked most Americans, they’d say “no”. Ask most Americans the one question no Republican nor Democrat, nor even mainstream media member wants them to answer:

“Do you think America would be better off without political parties?”   What do you think would be the overwhelming majority of answers?”


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