Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 17, 2009

Yesterday, Max Baucus of the Senate Finance committee introduced the gem; the coup de tat, the end all and be all of all that is all…his health care reform plan.

I can’t begin to describe the futility of it.  To summarize, his committee believes that forcing every American to buy health insurance is a great idea.  Fining them if they don’t is even better.  Heck, let’s introduce jail time for three time offenders, why not?  At least in jail, they’ll get decent care.  He also believes in forcing insurance companies to offer high deductible, low benefit policies..something they already do, so, hey…mission accomplished.

As I browsed the plan, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I thought to myself, “How is it possible for these clowns to be so blatant about their patronage of the health insurance industry?”  How is it possible indeed?  The bill reads like a wet dream of the insurance lobby.  Let’s see; every American must be forced to buy our insurance…check.  There can be no possibility of realistic competition…check.  No public option to keep private insurers honest…check.  High deductibles and the right to rescind policies, and deny coverage due to pre-existing conditons…check.  This bill is the culmination of the insurance lobby telling the finance committee to bend over…and our finance commitee saying, “more, please”.

Whores, all of them.  Max Baucus and friends have proven that they can accept their bribes, vote on an issue in which they have clear conflicts of interest, and manage to piss nearly every American off, and still keep their jobs.   And why shouldn’t they flaunt this power?  They’ve not been taught otherwise.  On the contrary, American voters continue to vote these walking tombstones into office every six years.

Corruption.  That is the word that best sums up both parties, and nearly all of Washington.  Tell me, if it isn’t true, how is it that every senator and congressperson is a multimillionaire earning just $160,ooo a year on their congressional salary?

Swine, all of them.  This health care reform debate was never serious.  It was just another opportunity for Washington to put the campaign finance screws to their favorite lobbyists, and collect the jackpot.  This was about getting re-elected, and nothing else.



  1. Elizabeth said

    3P, the bill was written by Liz Fowler, former VP for Public Policy and External Affairs at WellPoint. Essentially, it was written by the industry for the industry. So no surprise it reads this way.

  2. Joe White said

    Yes, the funniest part was when Senator Baucus rolled out his ‘gem’, the head Dem in the Senate Harry Reid responded the next day ‘That plan won’t work in my state (Nevada).’

    They are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

  3. It does not matter what comes out of the Senate Finance committee. The plan that we end up with will likely be some kind of hybrid between the HELP committee in the Senate and the better bill that will come out of the House, that would be HR 3200 right now, I guess?

    You should keep your eyes on Rep. Weiner’s amendment in the House. You might even want to call your reps and ask them to support it. It is an amendment to replace the entirety of HR 3200 with HR 676 – A Single Payer plan written by Conyers. They just announced today that the CBO is scoring the Weiner amendment. I hope it scores well because then we would have some serious artillery for single payer healthcare.

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