Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 8, 2009

The health care reform debate is heating up.  Truth be told, there are many lies being thrown around about one aspect of the entire reform bill; the Public Option.  Republicans have, to date, come up with these:

* Senior Citizens will be euthanized as their lives near the end.

* If you choose the Public Option, the government will make all of your health decisions, and will ALWAYS come down on the side of what is worst for you.

* The Public Option will add ten trillion dollars to the deficit over the next five years.

* Private insurers cannot compete with a government run program.

* You will be forced to choose the Public Option, and will lose your insurance, and your doctor.

* “Medicare isn’t socialized medicine.  It can’t be, because a private insurer sells me my Medicare supplement.”

* Insurers want to cover everyone for the same cost, but the government won’t let them.

Enough!  There are dozens more!  The lies are sickening.  No one is going to euthanize grandma.  Insurers do not want to cover everyone; they only want to cover people who aren’t sick.  You will be able to keep your own doctor, and if you choose, your own plan, if you find that it is an affordable option.  And yes, insurers can’t compete with a government program, because they won’t offer insurance to the people that the Public Option is designed for.  The Public Option is designed to be a low cost alternative to private insurance  for the uninsured, who are uninsured because private insurers either won’t cover them, or cost too much to afford.

Republicans have become like King Edward Longshanks, the brutal King from England portrayed in Braveheart.  The wealthy, the elite, the scholars and the elected officials, the media moguls and their voices sit behind mansions made of golden bricks while their constituents head to Town Hall Meetings armed with nothing but the lies they’ve been told.  Talk Radio hosts are stirring the pot, telling people why they should be angry.  In truth, if Grandma was supposed to be euthanized under this reform bill, I’d be pissed, too.  But it’s just not true.

It’s one thing to spur the masses toward action, toward participation in their government.  It’s quite another to spur them using outright lies.  There is no crime in being angry.  Likewise, there is no crime in attending a Town Hall Meeting angry.  There is no wrong in asking questions and protesting with fervor.  All of these things make America great.

But when the leaders of a Political party, and an ideology willfully mislead their constituents, send them out to do battle that will protect the rich, the evildoers, and the insurers, there can be found no right in that.  This isn’t a battle for reform.  It’s a battle for freedom.  It’s time for the people who follow the Republicans to come out from under their thumb; that black, gangrenous digit that fouls the waters of freedom.

George W Bush was fond of using the terms “Axis of Evil”, and “evildoers”.  Well, we need look no further than the Republican Party and all those who voice their ideology to find the Axis of Evil in America.    It’s time that freedom rises, lifts its leg, and stamps evil utterly into oblivion.  Any party that would lie to its constituents, and use them as fodder for trampling has worn out its welcome in America.  I hate political parties to begin with, but this Republican Party isn’t a freedom-seeking group.  It’s a gang of thugs, and they need to go away.

In the movie Braveheart (a movie that Talk Radio hosts love to quote), King Edward Longshanks is facing William Wallace’s army.  One of Longshanks’ commanders asks the king if he should send the arrows into battle.  Longshanks replies, “Send in the Irish.  Arrows cost money.  Their dead men cost nothing.”

The attitude of the Republican-Patrician Party is the same towards the people of America.  They are thugs.  They are the Axis of Evil in America.



  1. D.I.D. said

    Health care would be good for your country, but how exactly are y’all going to PAY for it; I mean with two wars and expensive military equipment hemmoraging gazillions out of the US Budget (you can thank both parties and their corporatist collaboraters for this), and spending another couple gazillion to ‘bail out’ failed banks that went under as a result of their own greed and stupidity, where is Uncle Sam going to find the cash for healthcare for three hundred million people? Americans, wake up! Stop listening to the lies of both parties, and think of the practical for once.

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