Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 6, 2009


Medicare is government run health care for senior citizens.

It’s paid for by the Medicare tax collected on every American’s paycheck, as well as some corporate taxes.  Literally, it is funded entirely by taxes collected by our government.  It is administered by the government.  Payments for medical treatment come from Medicare; not some private insurance company. Medicare is socialized medicine.

Time and again, I run into conservatives who claim to hate socialized medicine.  Yet they love Medicare, and scream bloody murder when someone threatens it.  I can see why a senior citizen would love it, but what about younger conservatives?  Why do you love it?  You claim to hate socialized medicine, yet the one example we have of socialized health care in America is the shining example of how socialized care is supposed to work.

Conservatives hate social medicine, but love Medicare.  Further, many conservatives do not even realize that Medicare is socialized health care.  It just doesn’t register.  They either don’t understand, or aren’t willing to.  In their fear over all things socialistic, they have missed that their grandparents and senior friends are all under the umbrella of the greatest social care in the world; Medicare.

Every working American pays for Medicare.  Every American above the age of 65 partakes in it.  It is socialized medicine.  But, but, sosh-lized medicine is bad!  It’s scary.  It’ll steal our freedom away, take our choices away, and make us look like …dare I utter the word?  Sosh-lists?

Why are conservatives so afraid?  That’s a question for another post entirely, but on this issue, why are conservatives so afraid of “sosh-lized” medicine, but so in love with Medicare?

I doubt any Conservative can even answer that question.  In order to do so, they first have to admit that Medicare is “sosh-lized”; and second, that it works better than our privatized heath insurance.

Stay Tuned.


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