Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 15, 2009

I left this comment at a friend’s blog, in response first, to a liberal claiming that the current recession is Reagan’s fault, and second, because one of the commenter’s cited a congressional report as evidence of the same idea.

So we’re down to this?  We’re going to believe a “Congressional” report?  Somehow, you think this congressional report is unbiased?

Let all liberals and conservatives hear this now and understand:


Certainly, policy can have an effect on confidence from time to time.  Policy can help create bubbles, but the bubble itself isn’t built by bad policy; it’s built by people who BELIEVE in the value of what they buy.

It’s not surprising that Republicans and Democrats believe their policies drive our economy; after all, you’ve been sold that bullshit for decades, by our elected officials as well as academicians such as Paul Krugman, who is a fine writer and teacher, but as a practicing entrepreneur, HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO EXPERIENCE.

Sure, there is a place in our society for hacks who write about the economy, but more room should be made for the people who actually drive the economy and thus know how to stimulate it; small business owners and consumers.

However, in America, we don’t do things that way.  We dress a professor in a nice silk suit, give him a microphone, and let him tell everyone how stupid they are if they don’t agree with his theories.

That a man should have won a Nobel prize advancing theories that he himself has never attempted is a prime example of why our nation’s economy is so fucked up.

This country’s economy is stimulated at the micro level, not the macro level.  But if you want to go on listening to hacks, that’s your choice.

Clearly, our recession is not improving.  I work in a profession where I hear the horror stories, and where you can almost taste the fear of everyone you meet.  Since last October, my business is down almost seventy percent, and it is directly related to the fear that individual consumers are still feeling, even after nearly seven months of the latest “stimulus” package.

The work I do for my clients often helps them protect their families and their assets, as well as helps them plan their retirement.  These people listen to me, and know that they need to do something for themselves in order to secure their futures.  But they’re not doing it, and it’s not because they don’t need to, or because a Democrat is in the White House, or Reagan screwed us all twenty-five years ago.  They are remaining frozen because they are afraid.

No amount of stimulus money is going to cure that fear.  No amount of tax cuts will alleviate the anxiety that you might not have a job next week.  Paul Krugman donning a micophone and telling America that the stimulus is working will not cause consumers to spend their money again.  The crisis in America is much deeper than a Nobel prize solution.

We are living amidst a crisis of confidence, and until that confidence begins to be restored, policy will continue to be largely ineffective.


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