CONGRESS AND THE SENATE ARE ON THE TAKE(Selling National Health Care to the Racketeers)

Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 22, 2009

Over the last ten months, as I visited both Liberal and Conservative blogs, announcing myself as an Independent, I was at times accused of being a wingnut or a moonbat.  Neither side could understand my absolute disdain for both political parties.  That is, until this health care planning thing hit the national scene.

I’ve said for years that both parties are as corrupt as they could get, greedily swallowing special interest money while winking at their constituents that this is how the game is played, but it doesn’t mean they are on the take.

Over the weekend, I watched and listened to numerous stories of health insurers rescinding policies after someone had gotten sick; basing their decisions on paperwork, past health conditions, or situations that were beyond their “clients” control.  I use the word “client” loosely, because if I treated my clients the way health insurers treat theirs, I would be facing millions of dollars in fines, and jail time.  There is only one accurate word to describe private health insurers; RACKETEERS.

That’s right; their product is a racket.  It’s a get-rich- quick scheme, and a part-time jobs program endorsed by the highest officials in our land, the United States House of Representatives, and the United States Senate.  There is also only one word that accurately describes the relationship between these high officials and the health insurance industry; BRIBERY.

Polls in this country consistently show that between sixty-five and seventy-five percent of all Americans support the Public Health Insurance Option.  Our reasons are obvious; millions are uninsured, health insurers only want to insure people that never need a claim paid, and we are through with paying $12,000 per year to receive service that would shame even the mafia. Yet our elected officials are telling us that a public option just doesn’t have enough support to pass.

I’d tell you to call your representative, but I fear it is a waste of time.  If you happen to have millions of dollars lying around, a better option with a much higher chance of success would be to simply offer your Senator or Congressperson a bribe.  They’d probably accept it, if the bribe was big enough.  It’s even legal; you can’t be charged with a crime for bribing your representative.  It’s all part of their campaign finance reform.

If, in the end, you still feel it is necessary to call or email your Representatives, don’t bother citing statistics or polls; it was clear our elected officials weren’t paying attention to those last week already.  Instead, just come right out and accuse them of being on the take.  Don’t mince words.  Tell them you will spend every moment you can spare convincing friends and family that their elected officials have been bribed by the health insurance industry.

We have 2010.  There is a lot of damage these elected officials can do in the time that remains to them.  Thankfully, you can also tell them that 2010, their time will be up.

It’s clear now that my accusations of the two parties have been correct.  They are bribed, on the take, and owned by racketeers.  Don’t take my word for it.  The proof is everywhere you look, and the case will be closed when, yet again, health care reform will arrive as a government mandate that orders you to buy private health insurance from the mafia.


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