Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 18, 2009

To the Conservatives in my audience:

Meet Dan, a client of mine.  Dan is a 41 year old husband and father of two.  He has been a small business owner since 1992, so, naturally, he has logged every penny he spent in health insurance.  To date, that figure is $85,068.  He has carried a $1,000 deductible, with a 90% copay for as long as he can remember.

Also, naturally, Dan has studiously logged every penny he spent on actual healthcare.  Over the last seventeen years, he and his family have spent  an additional $27,547(including deductibles and prescriptions).

There is one other area that Dan has kept track of; claims paid by insurance companies for the seventeen years he has been in business.  You just gotta love those small business owners who have to watch every penny.  The amount his insurance provider has paid out on his family has come to…drum roll, please…$16,420.

That’s right, Dan has spent $112,615 on his family’s health insurance premium, and health care costs, such as deductibles and prescriptions.  His insurance companies combined have paid less than one-seventh of that.  Much of the claims paid were for the maternity care during the pregnancies for his two children.  Thank God for that, or his insurance company may never have paid a claim.  Dan and his family do not vsit the doctor unless the medical condition cannot be resolved at home.

Over the last two years, Dan’s rates increased more than twenty-five percent.  Apparently, the insurance company was having a difficult time profiting from his family.  So Dan did what any frugal business owner would do; he shopped around for rates.  Upon applying for coverage with a well known carrier, it was discovered that Dan now has a slight case of high blood pressure.  Learning of this, the prospective insurer wrote Dan a letter, stating that they were happy to welcome Dan’s family into the coverage, so long as Dan was not included in the plan.

Dan is now forced to keep his original insurer, who is bound by industry standards to raise his rates fantastically, because there is a decent chance that they may actually have to pay a claim every now and then.  Dan isn’t one to complain, but he does talk with his neighboring businesses, and has learned that several other neighbors are in the same boat.  The insurer has them by the balls, and they are tired of it.

I see this kind of thing every day.  Small business owners hire more Americans than any other sector of our economy.  You might say they are the most important sector.  Yet over and over I see these entrepreneurs being forced to either pay exorbitant insurance premiums with little to no benefits being actually paid, or drop their insurance altogether.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, if you want to know who the uninsured are, visit your local dime store, hardware store, family restaurant, or small-town coffee shop, and you will meet the people who have no choice, or have no insurance.  If you want to know just who that illegal alien is who is going to receive fair coverage for healthcare, walk on down to the same service station you take your car to, and ask Bubba how his insurance needs are being met.  He’s the “alien” you’ve been doing business with for twenty years

We’ve heard all the excuses.  “It’s nuthin’ but illegal aliens and poor people who ain’t got no covruge!” or “They jut wanna force me to pay for sumwon else’s  ‘surance!”

Yeah, that’s what this debate is about.  If you look at Dan’s expenditures for the last seventeen years, you’d see that it’s clear Dan was already paying for someone else’s care, because he sure as hell wasn’t paying for his own.

If you happen to like the small businesses in your area, by all means, visit them now,  because if we don’t pass a public option for health insurance in this country, our small, local, FAVORITE beautician will be closing her doors, and they won’t be opening back up. If you want to visit your local barkeep, you better do it quick, because no one gets shafted like barowners when it comes to health insurance.

If you like the idea of small businesses hiring more people than your government can, you better let your congresscritter know that he needs to protect Joe, or Mary, and get them a better public option for care.

Because this one thing is true:  The surest way to socialism, to government owned EVERYTHING is to make the business climate so dangerous that no one is willing to take the risk.  Some of my clients have already closed their doors, and we’ve not seen new businesses move in to replace them.  And you won’t in your small or large town, either, because small business owners simply cannot afford the high cost of private insurance.

Meet Dan.  He’s a husband, father of two, and a small business owner who desparately needs a public option for health insurance.  He’s not an illegal alien, and he’s doing his best to pay his premiums, but it’s getting difficult nowadays.   Something has to go.   If you like Dan, you need to let your elected officials know, because if you don’t, you might as well walk down to Dan’s shop, and say goodbye now.

Who knows, maybe they’ll put a free abortion clinic where Dan once was.  Wouldn’t that be nice?



  1. Mike said

    I guess you haven’t read my previous emails. The Republicans of the last 8 years have not served our country well. When they had a chance to make it better they failed… Unfortuantely I’m seeing it and worse from the Dems currently in charge. We have an administation that put us in more debt then all other Presidents in the past put together. And don’t give me “he had to”. No he didn’t… the financial system was stabilizing before he came into office… and then after borrowing a trillion from the Chinese he doesn’t even know how to get into the private sector to “improve the economy” as he has stated.

    Are there issues with our health care system? YES! Should people be turned away? NO! However does that mean we should have a government run system? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Haven’t you watched what our government is capable of? You think the Democrats are going to have the people’s interest involved! Ah, I don’t think so… they will care about the same thing all politicians care about. Supporting their lobbiest. I don’t care if you are an elephant or a jack ass! I’ll pass on the government deciding on my or my families health.

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