Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 3, 2009

With an average of ten percent profit, and twenty-one percent of premiums collected being dedicated to overhead costs by private health insurers, how could anyone in their right mind believe that a single payer health care plan that eliminates private health insurers would cost more than we pay now?  The cost for yearly health insurance premiums per family is $12,260.  When employees are aided by their employers in workplace health benefits, none of that money is taxed as income.  If your employer spent $10,000 on your health insurance premiums last year, you received a tax subsidy of at least $1500, and maybe much more.  For anyone earning more than $250,000, their tax subsidy amounted to $5,000.  No matter how you slice the pie, private health insurance is not privately paid for.

The US is already paying for 59.8% of all healthcare costs, when you include the subsidies that individuals receive for employer-provided health insurance.  That means that our taxes are paying those costs.  Private funding accounts for about 40% of healthcare costs.

In short, taxes are already paying for almost 60% of all healthcare costs.  Secondly, the layer of profit and administrative costs that each insurer adds to the overall cost is raising the price of healthcare by at least ten percent, and possibly as much as twenty percent.

Can you imagine the economic impact on businesses and individuals if we were saving ten to twenty percent of our actual health care costs?  It would be astounding, like dumping two hundred to four hundred billion directly into the economy for free spending.

It’s time.  The idea of private health insurers is for the dinosaurs, and we know what happened to them.  Tell your Congresscritter or Senator to support Single-Payor Health Care.

Tell them early.

Tell them now.

Tell them often.

You can reach your Congresscritter here and your Senator here.


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