Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 2, 2009


Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church by an extremist.  On this same day, dozens of others were murdered in the United States, yet it is the murder of this one man that has our media in a tizzy, for good reason, apparently. An Air France flight was lost over the Atlantic, and along with it, over two hundred people, but the murder of one man has overshadowed even that.  This man represented partial birth abortion and the final hope of women everywhere whose lives were at risk due to a pregnancy gone horribly wrong.   His was the face of compassion for traumatized Mommy’s and Daddies whose unborn would face a short life filled with suffering due to complications unforeseen, if the pregnancy was allowed to be carried to completion.  For his profession, for his work, Dr. Tiller was paid well; over one million dollars per year.

Partial birth abortion is a rare necessity in our nation, and there are only a few doctors who even provide the service.  The procedure is described by opponents as heartless murder, while proponents describe it as necessary and compassionate.  This issue stirred up emotions in the Left and Right like few others.

Dr. Tiller’s murder is a tragedy, for his family and friends, for his coworkers, and for his church.  But is it a tragedy for an entire nation?  Only you can answer that question, and only according to your beliefs and perspective.  I cannot answer it for you.  My concern with this case is otherwise.

I am concerned that the death of one fellow carries with it so much attention and so much potential for further acts of hate.  Dr. Tiller was not an elected official.  He was not a President, a leader of a police force, or even a five-star General.  He was just a man, a father, a husband and doctor, and an usher at his local church.  Beyond that, he was no more or less important than any of the over two hundred who were lost at sea on the missing Air France flight.  He was no more or less significant than any of the dozens of Americans who were murdered over the weekend.

But that’s not the way our media sees this.  Our media sees this as a story to earn a living on.  Our media views this as an opportunity.  People like Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rachel Maddow were off to the races on Monday morning, spinning the story as best they could.  The Left attacked the Right, and ignored the cries of sympathy from the moderate Right.  The hard liners on the Right said some nasty things, and the battle was on.

But I have to ask; why?  Why is this one man’s death so important that it can fill two full news days so far?  I understand the reasons for his significance, but I do not understand how a story of murder can trump an entire plane full of missing people.  There is something wrong with the media in our nation, and this story is putting that wrongness into atomic focus.

The facts are easy to ascertain.  Dr. George Tiller was a well-paid provider of rare and controversial services; said services stirring the emotions of some people who are probably better off living life in a straightjacket.  One of those people killed him in his own church.  He left behind a grieving family.  But I do not believe he left behind any other thing that was so interesting that it required two full news days and more to cover.  End of story.

This is about spin.  This entire story puts the media’s bias into the limelight.  We have the Left leaning media, and the Right leaning media.  We have two sides racing to outdo each other in spin control.  We have the Left blaming the Right and making this into a crusade.  We have the Right offering condolences first, and then attacking the Left for, as the Right calls it, “exploiting Dr. Tiller’s death”.

What we have is both sides fully engaged in manipulation of a murder case to further their not-so-hidden agenda.  This story is all about polarizing the two sides, and engaging in rhetoric designed to stir the pot to boiling over.  You can see this, but are you recognizing it?

In truth, this story is just another senseless murder of an American citizen, perpetrated by a fellow who was too disturbed in his mind to live amongst us peacefully.  That’s what this is.  That’s all this is.  It is a tragedy, a horrible ending, and my heart goes out to Dr. Tiller’s family and friends.  But this story is nothing more than that.

Demagogues turn stories like this into nightmares, and they refuse to see what their vile rhetoric stirs up.  They do not have the foresight to act rationally, and because they do not, this murder will give birth to further violence.  It’s the story of a murder.  But it will end up costing far more than just the one life that was lost in it.  You will, and you must, blame the media for that.  They are the special interest group that has stirred up the hornet’s nest, and now this story will take on a life of its own.

We should be asking people like Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann if that was their intent all along.  We should hold all of the talking heads who appear on news shows as experts to a public responsibility that transcends their political or personal agenda.  They should know better.  They should take their responsibilities much more seriously, but when egos and agenda rule your life, rationality flies out the window.  Someone needs to bring them to their senses.  The best way we can do that is to simply stop watching their rhetoric-filled “news” shows.  That’s easy to do.  Will you do it?  Or will you allow yourself to be manipulated yet again by the mainstream media?


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