Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 29, 2009

As I travel the ‘net, visiting blogs and news sites, I find myself more and more in shock at the division in America.  The Left Wing calls the Right Wing “wingnuts”, while the Right Wing labels their opponents “moonbats”.   Going back and forth between the two sides, visiting friends I have made on both sides, I find it hard to believe how stuck in the middle I am.

Commenters at blogs for both Left Wingers and Right Wingers expect you to toe the line when you visit, and if you don’t, you might be labeled in the same way their opponents are.  Often times, you might even be called a troll.

The trouble with this kind of treatment is that it forces a visitor to either compromise their beliefs, or become alienated and disillusioned.  At the least,  in my experience, it has caused me to realize that the Left is neither compassionate nor liberal, and the Right is neither conservative nor faithful.

As words are bandied about, it becomes clear that if some of the conversations between the Left and Right took place in an alley, there would be blood to clean up.  So many people have become so polarized; it’s such a sad thing to see.

But, if you are like me, hold on to your hope.  Intelligent discourse is possible with both sides, so long as you are willing to ignore, or at the very least, get past the rhetorical hate both groups feel for each other.  And it is hate; make no mistake about it.  There can be no candy-coating to gloss over the depth of division in America.  We can call it “exercising our right to free speech”, but none of our founders ever envisioned the vast array of outlets we have to speak.  I believe it is only a matter of time before we start seeing hate crimes committed that were caused by “fights” that began on weblog comment threads.  I’m actually surprised it has taken so long.

I am also struck by the ripeness in the fields.  American citizens are fed up with the failure of our Federal and local governments.  Every four years, a Presidential candidate promises change, and every four years, we are disappointed with his definition of the word.  We hear more about corruption cases in Federal and local government than we do about actual work being done.  Left and Right blame each other, of course, and nothing changes.

But we can change things today.  We, as Independents, can reach out to both sides, and draw them to the middle.  We can act as mediators, and as we do, we can begin to gain the recognition necessary to change the political climate locally and nationally.  The harvest is here, and it is now.  Americans everywhere are beginning to see the staleness of the two party system, and more and more are rejecting it.

We are a democracy, and if there’s one thing true about a democracy, it is the vast inventory of ideas we have available to us; ideas that are not loyal to either side, but rather ideas that are new and workable for all citizens.  If there has been one glaring mistake both parties have made, it is that their ideas usually only serve their ideology, and because of that, one side or the other will always reject it.

Independents can offer more to America.  We can offer new ideas that appeal to all Americans, rather than to a thirty-percent chunk of citizens who happen to agree with a certain piece of ideology.  We can take the best opposing ideas of the two parties, and merge them into a seamless conglomeration that benefits everyone.  And we can do it without the tired rhetoric of the two-party system.  We can change America without alienating half of it, and that has been my contention for many years; that the two old parties in America cannot bring change about without estranging their opponents.  Independents have no opponents, although we may disagree from time to time.  Rather, we have ideas, and we have made a decision to look at all sides of an issue, rather than a dogmatic dissertation of how an idea either enhances or destroys our ideology.

Think about it.  You may be Republican, or you may be Democratic, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with every idea, rather than just the ones your party endorses?  Aren’t you tired of defending a system of ideology that is so stiff and unimaginative that it cannot keep up with the times?

The times are changing, indeed.  We can change this country, one person at a time, and we will do it with ideas.  That’s the essence of democracy and America; our ideas are what made us great.  We can grow with new ideas, but if we keep submitting the stale ideology of two parties that had their hay day over a hundred years ago, our politics will stay mired in nineteenth century dogma.  We’re living in the Twenty-First century.  It’s time our ideas did, too.


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