Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 28, 2009


Swine flu.  That’s the topic for today.  I remember the “outbreak” in 1976, although it was more of panic than an actual outbreak.  The government vaccination program caused far more damage than the actual flu.  I have an aunt who almost died as a result of her vaccination, and my mom believes to this day that  her arthritis began immediately after her shot.

Nevertheless, swine flu is once again in the news, and this is a serious thing.  There is widespread belief that swine flu is linked to the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed anywhere from twenty to one hundred million people.  That means this bug is nothing to fuck around with.

Neither is this bug something to play politics with, yet that is exactly what the Republicans and Democrats are doing.  Democrats are blaming Republicans for limiting the number of Tamiflu type treatments available in our national stockpile, while Republicans are taking every opportunity to question President Obama’s seemingly empty Health and Human Services   office.

Limiting the number of Tamiflu treatments might be considered a good thing, since the World Health Organization has previously questioned its effectiveness on humans.  Common adverse reactions to the drug include  dizziness, headaches, bodyaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  Some doctors believe Tamiflu has no impact whatsoever on Swine Flu, with the possible exception of unnecessary suffering caused by the drug.

One fact few people understand is that, to date, human beings have absolutely no known cure for any virus.  We can slow certain viruses down using various drugs, but for survival, it is up to our body’s immune system.  Vaccinations have helped our bodies form certain immunities, but for viruses such as Ebola, the human body has no outside help available.

That is why this recent outbreak of Swine Flu can be so dangerous.  It has already proven to be deadly in Mexico, and if Tamiflu is as useless as the WHO has at times indicated, our bodies will be alone in fighting it.  For the Republicans and Democrats to use this moment in time to bash each other is sickening, pathetic, and embarrassing to Americans.

Swine Flu is Apolitical.  It cares not a whit what our ideology is, how much money we have, or which God we worship.  It is completely oblivious to who we voted for in the last election, and it won’t infect victims based on who we will vote for in two years.   But never mind that, according to Republicans and Democrats.  Now isn’t a time for a nation to pull together.  Now is a time for playing politics!   Never let a good crisis go to waste!  Let’s capitalize on fear!

Only a political party would believe that Swine Flu is a good reason to bash an opponent.  The only possible comparison for the Democratic and Republican parties squaring off over this would be a kindergarten gang fight.   How ridiculous, how pathetic, how embarassing.


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