Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 27, 2009


Rugged Individualism? Contrarianism? Selfishness? Egotism? Self-centrism?

America was built on such things.

Across the decades, individuals with dreams and purpose have designed and built the grandest of achievements. Art, science, construction, capitalism, medicine and other things have risen from the mere thoughts of individuals. Our greatest treasure is the individual mind of each individual person. But I fear for individualism in my nation. I fear it is dying; becoming a slave to the greater will of the masses.

Over these many decades, America has become, possibly, the greatest, strongest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. We did it not because of group mindset, or a particular group’s ideology. No; we did it in spite of those things. We wrote the greatest political document in the history of man, completely without the aid of a political party. Since that document was written, however, two political parties in particular have been hell-bent on conforming it to their ideology.

The Democratic and Republican Parties have attempted to sell themselves as polar opposites. Individual minds, contrarians, if you will, know better. You see, the two parties are not opposite at all; they are, indeed, a mere reflection of each other. Both share the same purpose; to institute a collective intellect; one mind for one group of people.

If you spend time, as I do, on a Democratic website or blog as well as a Republican, maybe you’ve learned, as I have, that contrarian thought, while not stifled, is not really welcome, either. I have observed that most sickening group dynamic of all, and it is, “If you are not with us, you are against us.”

This is always the danger of political parties. Instead of fostering individuality and thought, they breed conformity, group division and hate, stagnating an entire nation full of individuals. If you want to be a Republican, you must believe mostly as they do. If you wish to be of Democratic status, you must toe the line with much of their ideology.

I’ve got some news for you, and I say it to both parties as well. This nation, and our constitution, was built for individuals, not political parties. There are no rights set aside for political parties in our constitution. There is no mention of either party. But the rights of individuals are spelled out clearly. If you want to submit to a broader ideology, to a collective thought, welcome to slavery.

But if you want to be free, then we must boot these two political parties out of America for good. That’s my goal. I have here spelled it out. No one need join me; there is no group to join nor form to sign. We are all just individuals, and we are all, by ourselves, greater than any collection of ideology.

If you want to destroy a political party, you have to do nothing to accomplish it. If you want to keep these parties in our nation, you are going to have to work awfully hard from here on. Political parties require membership; they require allegiance, and funding. But we as citizens require only one membership, one allegiance. We already belong to the greatest group of individuals this world has ever produced, and we call ourselves America.

The political parties in this great membership nation have stolen our identities and our money for too long. You know that, and so do they. They require your money, and they steal it from you by accepting bribes from your employers before you ever see it. Unions “contribute” to political parties from the collective dues of individual Americans, who often have no choice but to submit to the union if they wish employment. And then there is the call, letter, or email, begging you for your hard earned dollars. They beg your money so they can control your nation, and the laws under which you live.

Across the decades, political parties have always worked toward shaping our constitution toward their ideology. It’s time to stop them, and it’s up to us, each individual.


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