Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 15, 2009

Teabags will be flying everywhere today.  That, and tax returns.  I’ve been asked many times in the past few days, “What’s it all about, Basil?”

Here’s my take.  It started, truly, at the grassroots level, with Libertarians and Independents outraged over TARP, as well as the lack of any Congressional oversight.  What we saw, what we protested, was the vast sums of money in the hands of a very few, taxpayer money, being used to bail out the very corporations who caused the The Great Recession.  That single voice grew, and evolved into a protest against taxation without representation.

The anger over TARP, and the disenchantment of our Party-driven government has been the driving force behind “teabaggers”.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that almost all of our elected officials represent their political party, and the special interests that fund their campaigns.  You can go to Open Secrets. org to follow the money and the votes.  You might find some opinion on that website, but mostly, what you’ll find is irrefutable fact.  Our elected officials are corrupted, and no longer represent their constituencies.  That is the basis for the grassroots movement.

However, recently, that grassroots movement has been usurped by the Republican Party.  So much so, that the original protest has become a laughingstock in the Liberal media.  I watched last night as one after the other, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow spun the story into a massive fraud being perpetrated by the Republicans.  I was outraged again!  But I couldn’t deny their right to make the entire “Teabag Day” an utter joke.  Somehow, over the last four months, the Republicans have turned what was an honest grassroots movement into a punchline.

I want nothing to do with the Republican Party.  They are as corrupt as any Liberal party.  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly are Right-wing dingbats, and have cost this entire movement to lose credibility.  Doughboy Rush Limbaugh might as well go eat another dozen cheeseburgers, for all the good his voice is doing the protest.

The Republican party has jumped on the bandwagon, and created a monster.  Only a political party could fuck something like this up so badly.  If you need any further evidence that political parties have to go away, just look at the way the Republicans and Democrats have made a small, grassroots movement ALL about themselves.

In the end, it doesn’t matter.  Independents own elections in this nation, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can get rid of political parties.  Without us, President Obama is still Senator Obama.  Without us, the Republican party still holds the majority in both Legislative Houses.  We are the only block of voters who consistently votes our conscience.  All others consistently vote along party lines.  The only way to beat these parties to death is through voter gain.  We need to grow, and we are growing, but now, we need to distance ourselves from this “Teabag” movement, and quietly overtake both parties.

Once we achieve a majority, there will be a real debate in this nation about honest government, but until we do, we will be stuck with politics as usual.  So, what do you want?  Do you want a government free of corruption?  Do you want a government that represents you?  Do you want a government that recognizes issues and dangers, and sets about immediately upon fixing them?  Or do you want the same government that has recognized the dangers of our failing health system and Social Security for decades, and ignored it?

It’s your choice.  We are the People, and we can change this ourselves.  But nothing happens so long as we accept the status quo.  What kind of government do you really want?



  1. consumethelines said

    Hey, ppp, this is Kyle from the GDAB.

    Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly are Right-wing dingbats, and have cost this entire movement to lose credibility.

    And that is exactly why the tea parties are getting such a left-wing bashing. It would be a lot to go into, but I generally agree that we need reform (particularly with campaign finance and lobbying), but attempts to suppress political parties never turn out well. If you did manage to eradicate both parties (not the people, of course, just the parties themselves–to be clear), an oppositional two-party system will naturally arise. There has been stasis in our political system, as far as political parties go, because it is the naturally occurring equilibrium.

    Let’s say we had three people running for office. Candidate A gets votes from 25% of voters, Candidate B from 30% and Candidate C from 45%. Candidate C wins, which sounds fair. But let’s say Candidate A and Candidate B both supported a lot of the same policies. That means 55% of people supported those same policies, but Candidate C is now the elected official, with the support of only 45% of the electorate. This is exactly what causes the natural tendency towards oppositional, two-party systems.

    That said–I do believe there is an abundance of anti-corruption sentiment in this country (it wasn’t too many years ago that I would have been in agreement on party-abolition) which could be tapped (in a better method than these “tea parties”) to bring about some positive change in our elected officials.

  2. politicalpartypooper said

    Well said, Kyle, and welcome!

    I see your point, but in our legislative branch, which is traditionally the most powerful branch of our government, the sheer numbers of representatives provides an outlet for most people. That said, the real issue here is that we believe political parties naturally lend themselves to corruption. Even beyond that, though, if we changed the way we funded our campaigns, and changed the law regarding lobbyists, soft money, and special interests being able to fund one party, we’d begin to change the corruption. I’m no prophet, but I also think that if we took away the largest contributors (lobbyists and spec. interests) of both parties, neither party could survive.

    Kyle, my anger is with the things we all know that require a fix, and the overwhelming frustration of believing the two main parties in our nation just get in the way of the fix. There’s always going to be more than two sides to most issues. But the impression that the two parties leave some (most?) people with is that if they each hold out long enough, they’ll get to write a law that dictates only their point of view. A democracy without political parties guarantees that all sides of each issue are heard, and voted upon. From there, we, as citizens, must accept what our elected officials have voted for. Real compromise is available when political parties are absent.

    “to bring about some positive change in our elected officials.”

    We did that, Kyle, in 2004 and 2008. We also did it in the nineties, when we gave the Repubs the Houses. We can keep doing it, but so far, neither side gets it. Instead, they just invent some “mandate” that sounds good, but doesn’t come close to what’s really on people’s minds.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. jenski42 said

    Hi PPP:

    First, I didn’t mean any offense when yesterday on GDAB, Git and I thought you were Libertarian. I have great respect for Libertarians, although I vehemently disagree with them on many issues, simply because they are consistent. I hate hypocrites. I mean, I really, really hate them.
    (And I am well aware that they exist in both parties.)

    This is also why I agree with you that the parties, as they stand, are terrible. I worked with a girl who, in 2000, didn’t know who she was going to vote for, so she asked us for advice. When we asked her what her major “issue” was, she said she was “pro-life.” We told her that her beliefs would be more in line with Bush. She said, “good, because I can’t stand abortion or the death penalty.” Imagine her frustration when we had to explain…

    There is no consistency.

    So, I know I’m not nearly as eloquent as most of the others on the blog, but I wanted to let you know, that on some level, I think you are right on.

  4. politicalpartypooper said


    Thank you. I enjoy most of the people at Bob’s blog, and regardless of who we vote for, or what our party affiliations are, I think the best thing we could all do is to remember that we are all individuals, not just some smaller part of a larger, dumber whole.

  5. jenski42 said


    I agree wholeheartedly. My dad is a Republican, a Glenn Beck watching, Rush Limbaugh listening Republican. It should drive me crazy…but it doesn’t. He is one of the best people I know, and taught me everything I ever learned on how to be fiscally responsible, and to not be blindly “consumeristic.” He taught me to be an open-minded Christian. He’s not a “Rethuglican.” No way.

  6. PPP,

    Great piece! I think you have nailed this one. I attended the Tea Party here in Sacramento. We had Republicans, we had Democrats, we had Independents, and while they all were from different political affiliations, they all had one thing in common, they were upset at the current situation of our country. People could care less about what party is listed as on your ballot. They recognized each other as individuals, plain and simple.

    I have to say Obama was right about one thing: “It is time for a change”…

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