Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 7, 2009


Glenn Beck has been called a reactionary, lunatic, addict, and whacked-out wingnut.  While all of these may be fitting, the one thing he is rarely called is “instigator”.  I think it’s time to change that.

Over the last year or so, and even while he held a job at CNN, the chubby spin doctor portrayed America as a place where freedoms were under attack by the Left Wing.  On many occasions, he has called for the populace to rise up in revolution against these Nazi tyrants, who somehow have managed to take all of our freedoms away without ever really writing a single new law.  That’s right.

Take gun control, for example.  Glenn Beck repeatedly tells his viewers that the Left Wing wants to take our right to bear arms completely away, and this all started when laws were written to make owning fully automatic sub-machine guns illegal, not to mention he’s upset because under current law, he’s not allowed to store a thermonuclear missile in his basement.  After all, what is the Second Ammendment all about?  The right to keep and bear arms?

Glenn Beck is stirring up a pot of something, and it isn’t chili.  He’s frequently so upset while on camera that he runs out breath making some point about the KGB breaking into your bomb shelter and confiscating all of your guns.  Furthermore, he has literally encouraged people to fight for their right to bear arms, even if that means armed revolt.

In a lighter moment, he eased up on ballistic armed revolt when he said, “Let’s get torches and pitchforks and show our government that the Declaration of Independence says ‘We the People’!””

Well, at least it was only pitchforks.

Glenn Beck is an instigator, and worse, he is hellbent on stirring up some sort of a revolution that he can claim authorship of, while he hides in his basement laughing.  This man is truly crazy, and I would not doubt that he has completely fallen off the wagon.  He dismisses his anger-mongering by saying that anyone who listens to him is an idiot, but Glenn Beck carries a far larger audience than Bill Ayers ever did.

It’s time for Fox News to pull the plug on Glenn Beck.  Being a watchdog for American rights is one thing.  Inciting violence is a crime, and if it isn’t, it ought to be.  I am sick to death of these people in the media who stir up anger and division, dehumanize every ONE who disagrees with their beliefs, and then falls off the crazy tree squirming in ecstasy about the next American Revolution using small arms and pitchforks.

The problems we face as a nation can only be solved through communication, cooperation, and freedom.  Instigators have a right to voice their opinion, but when their words incite violence, our MAJOR News networks have a responsibility toward safety, and in that responsibility, they must call for their employee to cease or resign.

I blame CNN first, and now Fox News Channel for not only allowing Glenn Beck a medium with which to spout his poison, but for encouraging him to do so as well.  It is encouragement when a for-profit company pays an individual a stipend to be an inflammatory ass.

It’s bad enough that we have to listen to this crap from the drunk nearest us in whatever local tavern we might visit.  But to give the drunk a national microphone and camera, to give him an entire hour to spew his room-spinning, slurred slurs is taking our freedom of speech too far.  It’s time for Glenn Beck to go away.



  1. Jesse said

    This whole article is nothing but a work of fiction….

    • Cynthia Gee said

      A work of fiction? My husband has Fox news on all the time, I have listened to Beck day in and day out, and this article is right on target.
      Fox HAS credible people — Bill OReilly is a FINE journalist, for example — but this nut Beck is giving the whole conservative movement a bad name. Beck is a bombastic jackass and it’s high time Fox got rid of him.

  2. couldn’t agree with you more, cynthia

  3. Ray said

    So I am Going Around The Net Thanking The Anti-Beck Blogers For Rantings Through The Roof! Once Again Thank You!

  4. Prop A. Ganda said

    Do you really think that anybody with an education past the 1st grade would ever believe the trash you have written.
    If you listen to him, you will find, he backs up what he says with hard facts.
    You can always tell who the ” Left ” fear the most. Are you really that dumb, or do you really think we are?

    • politicalpartypooper said

      He backs what he says with hard facts? Are you serious?

      Since 2005, he has been telling us we are in the early stages of World War 3. Where are the facts? In 2006, he said Israel would be wiped off the map by Iran on August 22..it didn’t happen, but where were his facts for even asserting that this would happen?

      How about his assertion that Americorps is Obama’s secret army, for what, we don’t know, although he alludes to “taking over America and socializing it”. Again, where are the hard facts?

      Beck is a snake-oil salesman, making huge profits off of scare tactics and conspiracy theories. His fake crying on Television and his chalkboard only add to his stupidity and fear mongering.

      Smart people would either turn him off, or send him a bullet and a gun, with an attached note saying, “do the right thing”

  5. QuakerDave said

    Beck (and O’Reilly, for that matter) wouldn’t know a “fact” if one walked up to him and smacked him on the face.

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