Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 28, 2009


I’m still waiting for the Democrats to stand up and say something about Social Security, because…umm, you know…they’re the grown ups.  Or so they say.

Something?  Anything?  Can you even ackowledge it?  Do you Democrats know that there is something called Social Security, and it’s been in big, big trouble for decades?

For four months, we have been hearing about how the Democrats are going to turn everything around in this country.  Yep.  They’re going to fix the economy.  They’re going to fix health care.  They’re going to determine the best way for the BCS to decide who the National Champion is.  Yes, sir.  They’re going to fix Social Security.

Yes, we heard that during their national campaigns.  They are also going to put a stop to tax breaks for corporations who send jobs overseas.

Mark my words, it will be March 28, 2012, and none of these things will have been fixed.  Maybe the economy.  Maybe the BCS thing, because that’s about the only thing either political party is smart enough to deal with.  Health Care?  Not likely.  Our current Congress is just like every other Congress, bribed to the hilt by Health Insurance companies.  Corporations that send jobs overseas?  They’ll still be getting tax breaks, because both parties only dust off that little beauty for new election seasons.  It’s called lying.  Yes, you read that right.  I am outright calling the Democrats liars, just like the Republicans.

And Social Security?  Hmmpph!  Do you really think any Democrat within ten thousand light years of earth will broach that topic?  They don’t have the political balls.

Nope, instead, both parties are going to carry on with the gameplan; namely ignoring it until it’s too late.  Then both parties will dominate MSNBC and Fox and spend the next decade blaming the other side, because that’s what political parties do.

President Obama, I understand that you think National Healthcare is an important issue.  But it’s not nearly as immediate as Social Security.   You need to do something NOW.

Why do I feel like I’m the only one screaming about this?  Why do our elected officials all hate Social Security?


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