Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 23, 2009


Last night on 60 Minutes, the President said, “As a general proposition, you don’t want to be passing laws that are just targeting a handful of people.” He went on to say, “You certainly don’t want to use the tax code to punish people.” He also went on to talk about our basic principles of fairness.

Mr. President, I’ve been talking about that for years, especially when it comes to the tax code concerning cigarettes. In Wisconsin, yesterday, I paid $5.15 for one Pack of Basic Menthol Light cigarettes. One pack. $5.15. More than 60% of the cost of one pack of cigarettes in my state is tax.

Mr. President, if ever there was one segment of people being targeted unfairly, it is smokers. If a person smokes just a half pack of cigarettes a day, he can pay as much $700 in additional taxes that other consumers never pay, simply because our government has discovered that taxing the shit out of smokers is politically correct. If you smoke one pack a day, it’s double that.

We all get that smoking is hazardous to anyone exposed to it. Yet our government believes that excessive taxation of smokers is the only answer to the problem. The real truth is that our elected officials are once again playing politics with an issue that has become publically contentious. Rather than solving the Social Security problems, which we’ve known about for decades, they are instead focused on punishing one group of people, because that’s what gets politicians reelected.

If you want your government to represent you, then it’s time that you change your government. You can do that by vowing to never again vote for an incumbent. Only when we show our elected officials that their real job is to represent us will they actually do it. The best way to show them that is to tell them they have no chance whatsoever of being reelected. Maybe then they will focus on issues instead of perpetual campaigns.



  1. Common Sense said

    Sorry dude….its the smokers, the drinkers, and the druggies that are killing us, fiscally and physically. Quite frankly if we laced tobacco products and illegal drugs with poison we would be much better off.

    350,000 people die each year from cigarette smoking. Yea yea…its my right to do as I please and if I suffer then its my choice. Sure, but do it on your bill. If you can pay for all of the complications of smoking out of pocket go right ahead .

    52,000 people die each year from second hand smoke. These schmucks had no choice and inhaled your crap. Can I sue smokers for my second hand smoke related asthma?

  2. politicalpartypooper said

    Common Sense,

    Why is it that the Left’s solution to everything is to kill it? Kill unwanted babies, kill people who drink or smoke. What else would you like to kill?

    I only smoke outdoors, or alone in my car. No one is trapped in a room with me while I am smoking, because I never smoke indoors. So I’m not going to take the blame for yours, or anyone else’s asthma or cancer. Why should I pay extra taxes as though I’m killing people?

  3. Thomas said

    I am obsessed with Cigarettes and I smoke and I enjoy it

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