Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 18, 2009

How do we know that some of the AIG execs have a heart?  Here’s how.

Government appointed CEO of AIG, Edward Liddy, saying he knew the public’s patience is “wearing thin,” said some employees have decided on their own to return their entire bonus to the company.  He has also asked that anyone who received more than a $100,000 bonus return at least half.

That some employees have already returned their full bonus shows them to be of a higher ilk than every member of Congress and the Senate, which to date, continues to accept pay raises every year for a job most decidedly not-well-done.  Lawmakers excuses range from “these are just cost of living increases” to actually stating that it would be against the law to turn down the raises.  Imagine that, lawmakers not being able to circumvent the law in the case of accepting their yearly pay hike, especially during “the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression”.

Never mind that Congress is responsible for allowing this bonus payout, it runs to the height of hypocrisy when they then use this issue as political capital.  I guess the Treasury isn’t the only place that prints it’s own capital these days.  All of our elected officials are very busy turning their own mistakes and lack of judgment into brand new political capital.

Republicans and Democrats alike are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in, especially with regards to these hateful bonuses.

You just gotta love their FAKE indignation.


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