Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 9, 2009

All weekend I had CNN, Fox, and ABC news on at different points, as I worked in my office trying to figure out what I was going to do with my business.    I came to the conclusion that the various networks are very busy trying to paint the Republicans as making a comeback.  CNN shifted from from Michael Steele to several other “prominent” Republicans as the new face of the party.  Rush Limbaugh was hardly mentioned.

I asked myself, “What’s up with that?”  Why are the networks so interested in the Republican party?  Why are they so determined to put makeup on their image?  Then I figured it out.

The networks need the Republican party, just as much as they need the Democratic party.  They need two parties, because family fueds sell.  They need the Republicans to be strong so people will care enough to turn on their news programs every day.  Without the tension between the two parties, and the division they create in America, places like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, and others will lose a good chunk of their audience.

Could this be the sign that Independents have been hoping for?  Is the Republican party as weak as they seem?

You bet your ass they are.  If they fall, the Democratic party could follow shortly.  I am of the opinion that the two parties need each other to survive; they use each other to spell out what makes their party unique and attractive to Americans, while blaming their opposite for every problem.  Without the Republicans to blame, the Democrats would soon find themselves exposed in a way no politcial party has ever been exposed in America.  Of course, neither party understands this, which is why this could be the beginning of the end for politcial parties in our nation.  If the Republicans fail, and the Democrats usher in their complete agenda, thinking all of America believes in that agenda, it will only take a few years for America to see what glass chins both parties are made of, and how empty their promises have been, and are.  Maybe what we are going through has been necessary to finally expose both parties as the frauds they are.



  1. TonyMontana said

    I have to admit, I am in shock and awe with how fast the Obama administration has disintegrated into chaos. Granted, he started his term with an economy that was losing altitude, however his misdirected policies, his personal attacks on Wall Street, and his inability to focus on the greates issue at hand, stabilizing the banking system has pushed the economy into a nose dive.
    Other presidents have been handed crap sandwiches in the past. Most recently they include Reagan (who had the 1981-82 recession) and GWB (who had 911), but it seemd that they focused on the crisis at hand.

  2. TonyMontana said

    PPP you are a hypocrite. You portray yourself as a political moderate yet you prostitute yourself on Cesca’s web page as sympathetic to the confused and delirious liberal rantings. You are the Uncle Tom of Independents and a sell out. Tomorrow morning I would like you to do the following. Sneak into your boyfriend’s murse, take out his lipstick…er…I mean lip gloss… and stencil B-I-T-C-H on your forehead. Maybe if you would lay off of these blog spots and focused on your business you wouldn’t have to lay off employees.

  3. TonyMontana said

    Did I mention that you are a bitch? A two timing slutty bitch and you do not deserve a loyal blogfan like me. Instead of spilling your drool over at Cesca’s post a decent article about something relevant here. You sluty Ho.

    Here are some topics:
    1. Obama in the cage:poled and prodded by N Korea,Iran, and Russia, how will BO react when Israel strikes Irans nuclear facilities, Russia occupies the border cities of Georgia, and N Korea launches their “satellite” all on the same day?

    2.Is Rush Limbaugh gay?

    3. Is Michelle Obama a transvestite?

  4. TonyMontana said

    P.S. Don’t lay yourself off, fucking fire yourself. You are fired. I know where you are right now, you are blogging at Cesca’s, trying to ride that line of almost being subversive but caving to those diseased fungus bearing invertebrates at the last line of your post.Yea, Obama’s a genius…by what standard?….a book (both with ghost writers and completely useless), grades (hah…HE won’t release any grades., SAT scores, wrote no bills or papers). He is a genius simply because YOU ARE A RACIST. YOU ARE A RACIST PIG YOU NAZI PRICK!!!!Just because a black guy is not in jail, can speak a complete sentence, and is married, you consider him a genius. YOU ARE A RACIST NAZI UNLESS YOU PROVIDE PROOF THAT OBAMA IS A GENIUS. OTHERWISE I AM REPORTING YOU TO THE SOUTHERN POVERTY CENTER AS A RACIST.

  5. politicalpartypooper said


    Apparently, you didn’t read, or understand this: https://politicalpartypooper.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/spelling-out/

    An Independent isn’t part of a political party. Thus, I have NO ONE to sell out or betray. What you believe is what you believe; what I believe is what I believe. I supported the war. I’m against big government. I’m FOR nationalized health insurance.

    Do you see, Tony, how being an Independent means I don’t have to be your bitch? I don’t have to agree with you, nor must I disagree with you, on every issue. I’m an Independent, and no one, including you, will dictate to me what I should or should not believe.

    You have problems, Tony. Furthermore, if you want to disagree with me, you are welocme to do so. But you will not disrespect me, or anyone here. If you are adult enough to engage in a conversation, then you are adult enough to control your spastic impulses to visciously insult people who disagree with you. I got over doing that in the third grade.

  6. Dick Morris said

    President Obama and his big spenders are moving quickly, to the relief of those who are facing foreclosure on their mortgages. But the program they are offering will do nothing for those most in need.

    In the fine print, Obama’s plan provides no relief for any homeowner whose mortgage exceeds the total value of his home. But these folks are the ones who have been conned into taking sub-prime mortgages so loaded with brokerage commissions, interest rate subsidies, bank fees and lawyer and title-company charges that the amount of the mortgage has ballooned. These high mortgage amounts, coupled with declining property values, have turned about 20 percent of American mortgages upside down, so that the debt exceeds the value of the property.

    By excluding these homeowners from help, Obama is guilty of a holier-than-thou hypocrisy. Was it not Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that encouraged such over-mortgaged properties? Was it not the Democrats in Congress who passed legislation urging Fannie and Freddie to weaken the standards to allow more low- and lower-middle-income families to buy homes?

    How can Obama suddenly pretend to be so shocked — shocked — that about 20 percent of America’s home mortgages are now worth more than the property they finance? It was the insistence of liberal Democrats that made it so. When Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros demanded that Fannie and Freddie invest 42 percent of their assets in buying low- and lower-middle-income mortgages, and when his successor Andrew Cuomo raised the quota to 50 percent, what did they think would happen? When they explicitly told Fannie and Freddie not to insist on down payments in the mortgages they purchased, how did they think the purchase would be funded? Obviously, if you don’t require the borrower to put money down, the full purchase price must be covered by the mortgage. To now, piously, refuse to come to the rescue of those who fell for your party’s seeming generosity and bought homes on the terms it suggested is hypocritical at best.

    But it is not only the over-mortgaged whom Obama will ignore, but those who have lost their jobs! If you do not make enough money such that your mortgage payments come to 31 percent of your income, you can’t get your mortgage refinanced. If your income has dropped to a point where your monthly payments on your loan consume a greater part of your earnings than 31 percent, you are stuck.

    So we have Obama rushing to the aid of those who have been hurt in this bad economy, but exempting from his proposed relief anyone who has lost his job and seen a cut in income or whose property values have dropped below the amount of his mortgage. In other words, he’ll help anyone but those most in need.

    And, once again, Obama would limit his aid to those who make below $200,000 a year. While he doesn’t specify this limit in his proposal, he does limit his intervention to mortgages of less than $720,000. At standard mortgage interest rates, such a loan would call for $60,000 or so in payments a year. To qualify for relief, your mortgage payment can’t be larger than 31 percent of your income — or about $200,000. Once more, Obama makes it clear that he is not the president of anyone who makes that much money or more. He is only the president of the other people.

    Obama, of course, forgets — or doesn’t care — that those making over $200,000 account for almost a third of the total national spending and that you cannot stimulate an economy while constantly cutting off those people from any consideration in any government program. But Obama is determined to try.

  7. TonyMontana said

    That’s it PPP. You can’t throw me off of your blog! You know why? Because I am leaving…for good! And I am not coming back no matter how many times you ask.I AM TONY MONTANA!!! Yea…I am the Bad Blogger…the guy who will say things no one else will. I leave you with this, Mr. PPP:

  8. politicalpartypooper said


    Go in peace. By the way, I didn’t kick you off my blog.

  9. MichaelCorleone said

    The Republicans will continue to flounder for a while as Obama continues to flip and flop his way through the first year resulting in chaos and eventual voter frustration. That is when a Republican leader will emerge with a cause and sweep Congress in the midterms.

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