Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 4, 2009

You know you’re struggling when you are thinking about laying yourself off.


My business employs three people currently, plus myself.  Of the four, I am probably the only one who can afford to be laid off right now.  The trouble with that is, I’m also the only one who brings new clients into my business.  If we stop attracting new clients, we will be finished.  Then four people will be out of work.  So what should I do?

I’ve been asking myself that question for weeks.  Would me taking a non-paid “‘vacation” help?  Do I reduce hours for everyone, or lay off one?  Do I ask my employees to take a pay cut, and show them how much I have cut my pay back?  (I’m basically making nothing right now anyway).  Do I lay myself off, pay COBRA to reduce benefit costs to the business?  Do I reduce vacation time? These are all such difficult questions to answer.   Everything that can be cut has been cut in terms of expenses.  People are all that is left

No one likes to be laid off.  Many employees would be interested to know that employers hate laying people off.  We know that the moment we lay someone off, our chances of ever being able to call them back to employment are almost zero.  I’ve spent years with my employees.  They’re like family!  This economy is killing as many relationships as it is jobs.  When you do what I do, everything is about relationships.  My employees are my family.  My clients are my friends.

I feel as though I’ve done nothing but let my family and friends down.


8 Responses to “SHOULD I LAY MYSELF OFF?”

  1. TruthSerum said

    Hi PP,
    I am TruthSerum, a political independent who likes to read the news when working on my computer and as a consequence I stumbled across Bob Cesca’s liberal blog. I was curious and I read the posts and discovered that the content belied a group of misinformed and troubled individuals who are compelled to cast anyone or anything that stands in contrast to their confused and gender dysphoric existence in a negative light.

    As a goof I started posting responses that were from a Republican perspective and I was immediately attacked like a spider in a tent of girl scouts. I am ashamed to say that I enjoyed watching these liberals digress into the hysterial effeminate beings that they are and so I continued to post. Bob Cesca eventually blocked me from posting, however it is too easy to circumvent an idiots perimeter and I regularly drop bombs whenever time permits.

    It has been an interesting study in reading what these Obamabots think about current events. They have a distorted view that leads me to believe that most of them are artists and writers, and individuals who never had an adventure (other than a San Francisco bath house) or put their lives on the line for honor or country. They are cowardly little sheep.

    I did two tours in Iraq, 2004 and 2007. I was an officer who joined the Reserves in 2003 after 9/11. I have an incredibly rewarding civilian career however my experiences in the Army were the most profound and life altering. I am ready to deploy again for Afghanistan with my brothers in 2010.

  2. LuvPeace said

    Fucking stock market, the notorious balck hole of evil doers, continues to tank. Beyond the repercussions to business and employment, it threatens our national security. One crisis on the middle east, such as an Israeli air strike on Iraq or the launching of a medium range missile from North Korea, and we are in the shitter.

    I was hoping that BO would be what he and his handlers claimed he was, brilliant, insightful, patient, but he is everything but. Again, I am sadly disappointed that like GWB we were handed a president that promised to adhere to the doctrine of the extreme elements of the party that got them elected.

    I though that I would never say this, but I miss Bill Clinton.

  3. SlutsForCoin said

    I agree, the Clinton years were the most tranquil and robust. He wiped out the deficit and created a surplus.

  4. politicalpartypooper said


    And was your experience as bad as everybody at Bob’s blog believes it had to be? Seriously, these people who opposed the war have the right to say that. It’s when they start pissing on our brothers that I get steamed, especially since ninety-nine percent of them don’t know what they are talking about. I was not involved in this recent bout with SH and Iraq. But I have several buddies who were, and they all laugh at the media’s complete ingorance of what really happened. Most of us from the Gulf War always believed we had to go back, to finish the job. But we spent ten years allowing a mainstream media to pussyfoot over the issues, and Bill Clinton was too much of a pussy to stand up to Saddam.

  5. Jenski42 said


    Your ignorance belies the very word that starts your handle. Just to give you an example – my “liberal, effeminate” father in law is a Marine, a Vietnam Veteran. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to you, because you were probably wearing a purple band aid and making fun of John Kerry in 2004, but he is. My mother in law’s uncle is also a liberal, and did a tour as a tail gunner in the Pacific theater in WWII. He’s 94 years old, and never voted Republican. I’ll make sure to tell him that he’s an effete panty-waist on your behalf.

    I read Bob’s blog, too. I also read conservative blogs, and independent blogs, and if you think anything is getting accomplished by your juvenile stirring of the shit-pot, you are sadly mistaken. By your very refusal to acknowledge that anyone with an opinion more liberal than yours is an Obamabot, or any other half-witted term, then you are not paying the fuck attention. There’s lots of criticism of the president on liberal blogs. You probably noticed that PPP is one of them on Bob’s, and I have noticed that he wasn’t banned. Maybe if you’d come with something besides talking points (like PP does,) then the hysterical liberals wouldn’t attack you.

    By the way, PPP, even though I don’t always agree with you, I always find your comments to be well reasoned and conversation provoking. Nice blog you have here, too.


  6. politicalpartypooper said

    Thanks Jenski.

    I like the people at Bob’s blog. It’s one of the reasons I keep going back. I am of the opinion that no one will take my views seriously if all I do is tear down someone else’s views. It’s no secret that I hate political parties. But there are real people in both parties, and I hate the dehumanizing that goes back and forth between the two.

  7. TruthSerum said

    Thank you so very much for your response…now what was the exact point of your drivel?

    Allow me to be a bit more blunt for the learning impaired. I find that the topic of the blog posts at Cesca and the subsequent responses to be inflammatory, bigoted, and so off of factual base that my only conclusion is that the people there are (1) pharmacologically perturbed or ,(2), delusional as a result of their myopic view of world events.There is one focus: to ridicule and debase anything or anyone that is Caucasian male conservative, heterosexual, or believes in a God. What I DO notice is a gang of minstrels, writers, and street artists who assault PPP, as he is the only voice of opposing view points on that blog.

    “my “liberal, effeminate” father in law is a Marine, a Vietnam Veteran. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to you, because you were probably wearing a purple band aid and making fun of John Kerry in 2004, but he is.”

    I’ll pass on the purple band aid and as I wear the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, and Army Commendation Medal that I was awarded for my service and paid for in blood in Iraq.

    and thank you so very much for electing President Obama, he is doing so many wonderful and great things for our country. I do realize that it is all Bush’s fault as Obama’s policies drive the market lower and businesses collapse and lay off more workers. I am especially excited by the fact that the stimulus package will provide jobs to about 200,000 illegal aliens. It is also critically important, on the verge of economic ruin, to engage at this time in the monumental task of health care reform. Forget about the Taliban, the North Koreans, or a nuclear Iran, at least Rush Limbaugh has been suppressed!!!

  8. Demo said

    TruthSerum…you are way off base. Barack Obama will lead us out of this mess and you will be eating your words.

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