Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 2, 2009

Spelling out what you believe isn’t very easy. I’ve got Republicans and Democrats calling me arrogant, too high and mighty to sink to the depths of partisan politics. I might apologize, if I truly believed I had done something wrong. There are times that I might seem as if I am preaching from the mountaintop, but that mountain I climb is only a dream; not close to existence yet.

Do I hate the two parties? You bet I do. I think they represent everything that is wrong with America today, especially concerning the division in our nation. But don’t let my hate for the party system cause you to believe that I hate the people in the parties. We are, after all, Americans, and even more than that, we are human beings living on a planet growing smaller every day. Each of us is engaged in our own struggle to make our way in this world, and to make sense of why we are here. Each one of us is as powerful as the next, and as weak as everyone else. I try my best to never lose sight of that. I try my best to avoid demonizing people just because of their affiliations. I’ve experienced too much of that in the past, and I cringe inside to think I would do it to someone else.

So why can’t I commit? What’s wrong with me that I won’t sign on the dotted line for one party or the other? Why do I consistently give people reason to believe I’m on the fence with every issue?

From my perspective, I’ve committed on each issue as I have become aware of them. I just don’t think that either party does a decent job of representing me on all of the issues. For that, I’m described as being haughty. True, part of the reason for that description is my tendency for verbosity and the impression of preaching that I leave behind. I do not approach any discussion I engage in with the intention of preaching at anyone. Sometimes I wonder if my conversationalists are saying it to deflect the legitimacy of my words. Maybe there’s some truth in both; maybe they are partly correct, and maybe I am, too.

So what am I to do? Nothing. Nothing different, that is, until I either become aware that I really am a prick, or my acquaintances at other blogs learn that I’m not trying to skewer them with words.

But I leave this behind for anyone who visits. Being an Independent does not indicate that you are on the fence in any issue. Being an Independent means you are exercising your right to decide where you stand on each issue, without leaning according to partisan beliefs. It is every bit as valid as being a Democrat or Republican, without the complications of getting stuck in “us against them” debates from time to time. I cannot imagine that you, if you are a party supporter, agree with your party on ninety-five percent of the issues. People just aren’t wired to be that agreeable, this world is too grey, and you don’t need me to tell you that. I’m sure you have plenty of experience with disagreement, just as I do.

If you don’t agree with them on ninety-five, or ninety, or eighty percent of the issues, please tell me what the attraction is; I do not understand it. Never have. Is it a desire to belong to something bigger than yourself? Is it power, strength in numbers? Protection? Tell me, please.

I want to know.


5 Responses to “SPELLING OUT”

  1. Spazzy White Guys said

    Bob “The Black White Man” Cesca loves to label people . His new term for Caucasian males with whom he disagrees is “Spazzy White Men”

    So I wondered what the fuck is a spazzy white man on Gogle and found this snarky douchebag:

    Not only is this gerbil fucker downright ugly but I would bet what I have left in the stock market that this bus stop bathroom bitch can’t even tie his shoes without step by step instructions.

    That mug has SPAZ spewed all over it, which is probably why he is smiling.

    Jesus H. Christ. This guy almost has a pair of balls to poke fun at anyone.

  2. LuvPeace said

    Ewwwwww!!!! Yikes….that guy is Wikipedia under “snarky douchebags”

  3. OneShot said

    Cesca is a freak. Someone should seize his computer as he looks like a child molester. Probably is.

  4. politicalpartypooper said


    I understand your anger with Bob Cesca. But I actually consider him to be a good blogging acquaintance, and he has been fair with me. We don’t agree very much, but he always allows me a voice over there, which is more than I can say for most partisan websites. I don’t want to start a war between our two blogs, because I think we have a good opportunity to discuss issues with respect for each other, you know, unlike most of bloggyland and our government?

    I don’t expect anyone here to agree with anyone there on anything. But I do expect that we will not succumb to name calling and disrespect. With as much division as there is in our nation, the last thing I will allow on my blog is for the total disrespect of another human being here.

    You guys are all welcome here, but let’s not make this another “Us vs Them” weblog. We’re way better than that.

  5. TonyMontana said

    Please allow me to express myself more eloquently:

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