Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 19, 2009


The New York Post is receiving a nuclear blast of heat for publishing the cartoon with the chimp.  Liberals everywhere are crying foul, and using the race card to bash the artist.

I have a question for all of my liberal friends who would do the same.  Do you remember the above picture?  There are hundreds of them like it on the web.  All you have to do is Google  Bush Chimp Images , or click on the link.

When you feel as angry about those pictures as you do about some silly cartoon of a chimp getting shot, then we can have a discussion.  Race related?  Hardly.


6 Responses to “HYPOCRISY?”

  1. willpen said

    OK…. now I am going to have to disagree with you, somewhat.

    While you are right about the Bush the Chimp images, there is a big difference in the inferences here. The above image may be derogatory but it was not nasty. What the post published was fowl, indefensible and insightful.

  2. That’s okay, Willpen, if you disagree with me. I respect your opinion. You are far more rational than most people, which helps when you identify wrongs.

  3. willpen said

    Thank you. I have been following along at Cesca’s but have decided not to comment. Especially when Travis is around.

  4. Aleksey said

    I personally enjoy this picture very much.

  5. Rush said

    Sorry dude. As big a conservative A-hole that I am the racist associated with a monkey and a black man is too great too dismiss with respectto this cartoon. The cartoonist and the editorial staff should have been aware of the fall out.

  6. Ezra said

    The situation is a little different: a white man being portrayed as a chimp vs. a black man being portrayed as a chimp. It is a double standard. But, those sometimes exist for good reasons. The reason why people became angry over one picture and not the other is because of racism, not hypocrisy. It basically boils down to the history of blacks being seen as less evolved, less intelligent, and being called derogatory terms such as “monkeys” in hate propaganda. I’m sure that the incident was grossly exaggerated, especially in light of this evidence for politicians’ being compared to chimps in the past. However, caution does need to be taken by the media before printing certain things. Maybe the artist could have been more specific about his target, a disclaimer or something. It probably wasn’t Obama since he hadn’t been in office very long to write many packages. I would suggest that media companies diversify their editors a bit more so that they can prevent these things from happening.

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