Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 2, 2009


We’re hearing much to do with the economic stimulus package, but most of it makes no sense.  The Left says we need the government to rescue us with government jobs and spending.  The Right says we need more tax cuts.  Both say we need to get the economy moving again by spending $800 Billion, and returning consumers to the stores.

Here’s what I say:   No stimulus package, whatsoever.  History is so very murky on whether these packages actually do any good, that to throw $800 Billion at a problem no one really knows how to fix seems asinine to me.  Our government wants to rescue the economy by stimulating people to return to their high spending ways.

On CNBC, we can have what’sherface telling us we need to save more than we spend, while on CNN we have what’shisface griping about people being too scared to do what they ought to do to fix the economy.  Silly.

You don’t fix short term problems with long term debt.  Ever. Yet that is exactly what our two illustrious political parties are planning.  Here’s a question for you, if you are a business owner.  If business is slow for a year, do you go out and get a huge loan, payable over thirty years to tide you over, or do you get just what you need, payable as fast as possible? Why does our government take the long way around everything?

Every time we even mention the stimulus package, the stock market tanks.  Could there be a hint in that for our elected officials?  We just threw $700 Billion in the crapper to bail out banks that cannot account for what happened to that money.  How much are we going to flush before someone says, “Enough!”?

Look, if throwing money at a failing economy actually worked, last years’ stimulus checks, and last falls’ toilet-wiping billions would have done it.  It’s time for a new approach, because this one’s not working.


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