Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 30, 2009


Have you ever asked yourself, “What if Americans had regular national referendums to set the legislative agenda of Congress?”  Have you?



Have you?

All joking aside, what would happen?  Suppose, because of the Internet, that Americans would have one month available to them to vote in a national referendum for the next month’s legislative agenda, and this would continue each month.  Is it feasible?  Is it possible?  Would it make a difference?

Currently, it seems as if our legislative agenda is controlled by corporate America and its lobbyists.  Based on what is addressed in Congress, you’d have a hard time arguing against the point.

For example, Social Security is an issue that has lain dormant for many years. Yet, it is possibly the most pressing issue facing America other than our current economic crisis.  One would think that would make it item number one on the “What’s next for Congress?” agenda.  One would think our last President would have addressed it beyond a few campaign talking points he made over nine years ago.

Nope, nothing was actually done to save Social Security.  George W. Bush pissed off the Democrats with his privatization plans, and Republicans never had the votes to slam it through.  Thank God they didn’t, considering what the stock market has done the last ten years, which adds up to basically nothing.

Our new President, Barack Obama, will probably skirt the issue as well.  The fact is, not one of our elected officials wants to touch Social Security with even their worst enemy’s’ hand from a mile away.  Besides, there is always something we can fill our agenda with, something that will push Social Security to the backburner.  That way, we can claim we just never had time to solve it.

Social Security will fail, our elders will go back to living their last years in abject poverty, and that will be that for our nation.  What’s important to our elected officials, it seems, is that they do everything they can right now to get re-elected.  Nothing is more important than that, and anything that jeopardizes that re-election must be destroyed.

If Americans were given a choice from a roaming and changing citizen committee that wrote the choices available on a national referendum, how long do you think it would take for Social Security to show up as the number one priority?

I think it would show up in the first month of national referendums, and I think it would be chosen as priority number one.  That’s how we know the two parties are treasonous.  That’s how we know they put party and re-election ahead of the good of the people; because anyone can see that what’s best for the people at any time is a Social Security program that is self-sustainable.  That fact is not controversial.  Economy not withstanding, Social Security is the number one issue facing Americans today.  It’s not something that can wait, but our elected party officials will keep ignoring it, except every four years or so, you’ll hear the two parties beat each other up over it.  Then, they will carefully take it off of the campaign shelf, and cover it with a TARP.


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