Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 27, 2009


Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary.  Congratulations.  You have just proven that criminals are still welcome in Washington.  Not only that, but you have also proven that if you’re really, really, really sorry about what you’ve done, you get a free pass from the President, whose team exposed your second tax evasion for the same “mistake” you made just two years ago.

Tim Geithner worked for the International Monetary Fund, a fancy name for a George Costanza-style “human fund” for nations.  Okay, maybe it’s not that ridiculous.

But Tim Geithner being our Treasury Secretary is that ridiculous.

It almost didn’t come to pass.  Our national media jumped all over the story of Geithner’s tax evasion, for about two days.  After that, it was pretty much dropped, when the media heard President Obama say, “It was an honest mistake.”

Sorry, Mr. President, you are wrong.  Or, you are lying.  Either way, it wasn’t an honest mistake.  That’s the important point to take from this.

Allow me to explain.  Timothy Geithner worked for IMF as a statutory employee.  What that means to us lay people is that he was only an employee for the purpose of collecting benefits, such as insurance and pension, and paying Social Security.  I, too, am a statutory employee in my role as a financial whateveryouwannacallit.  Many lay people are.  It’s rather common in the financial sector.  What is not common is someone not knowing they have to pay Federal and State (local if any, as well) self-employment taxes on their own.  In fact, it’s so uncommon that a check with the IRS as to what  percentage of “statutory employees” had been guilty of the same infraction turned up a result of less than one percent.  That’s fewer than one person in one hundred making the same mistake our Secretary of the Treasury made.

Maybe you don’t find that very concerning, but I do.  You see, it happened not just once, but twice. Geithner “mistakenly” failed to pay approximately $34,000 in self-employment taxes from 2001 to 2004 for earnings from the International Monetary Fund. He paid some of the taxes in 2006 after an IRS audit exposed the “mistake”for the years 2003 and 2004. However, it took  two more years later, just before President Obama chose Geithner to head Treasury last November, that he finally paid the back- taxes he owed for the years 2001 and 2002.

As telling as that is, even more so is the fact that it wasn’t Geithner who discovered that second “mistake”, but rather Barack Obama’s transition team.

You know what they say…fool me once, shame on you…

There is no way Tim Geithner did not know he owed those taxes from his IMF income.  And if he didn’t know before he was audited , after the first IRS microscope, he definitely would have known that the audit had only discovered two years worth of his errors.  What about the other two years, Timmy? Honest mistake?  I think not.

The President, Congress, and the media are asking you to believe a fib, a big one.  They are asking you to take their word for it that Tim Geithner is an all-around good guy who will be running the Treasury department, and the IRS, but who just happened to not know how to do his own taxes.

There is, if you are willing, some irony here.  If Tim Geithner really is telling the truth (and I think if we are being honest, we’ve already decided that he wasn’t), then his “mistakes” are proof positive that US Tax Law is soooooo complicated that not even the Secretary of the Treasury knows how to do his own taxes.  Yes, President Obama’s right hand money man is now the keeper of the tax code, but unable to follow it himself.  Could be a good time to rewrite that old tax code, huh?

How’s that for instilling confidence into the United States economy?

The choice for Treasury Secretary is the one choice in our nation that, right now, needs to be the absolute right one.  I do not personally know Mr. Geithner.  But I do know that in “the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression!” (those are President Obama’s words, not mine), you’d think our President would choose a man for whom there wouldn’t’ be even a whisper of scandal.

I can’t believe how wrong he got this.  I don’t want to believe it.  But there it is; my President has just chosen, confimred, and sworn in a tax criminal as one of his closest financial advisors.



  1. llabesab said

    Geithner did not “lie.” He just pulled a “Hillary”, when, the Profligate’s wiferesponded “..I can’t recall” 147 times in response to questions about certain files. Remember, WASPS do not lie. They, may, occasionally tell an “un-truth”, but, lie? Never. The word is not in their lexicon. It belongs to we plebeians. At least that’s what Geithner believes after being educated abroad.

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