Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 11, 2009


In 2007, Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain was paid $83 million dollars.  Taking stock price into consideration, Thain can earn a minimum of $50 million a year and go as high as $121 million.  That’s one person.

If John Thain were paid $5 million per year, 1,300 jobs could be created paying $60,000/year.  Here’s some simple math.  At the end of 2008, Congress passed a $700 Billion dollar bailout for banks and Wall Street. If instead of giving that money to Wall Street, we had given it to Americans, that money would have created 11,666,666 jobs paying $60,000/year.   That pretty much solves a major portion of the unemployment problem with good (not great) wages.

Can you imagine nearly twelve million Americans having gone to bed unemployed waking up to a job that will pay them $60,000 this year?  What do you think that would mean for consumer confidence?  How many Federal taxes would be generated?  How many Americans would suddenly be able to afford healthcare?  How many people, earning that kind of income all of a sudden, would be in need of a $1,000 tax credit spread out over three months?  How many homes near foreclosure would be saved?

Barack Obama is talking about a $770 Billion dollar stimulus package, and out of all that money, some Americans will receive $1,000.  That’s pathetic.  What’s even more pathetic is that certain members of our government are balking even at that.  The $700 Billion dollar bailout for Wall Street was passed in record time, and now our elected officials are screaming bloody murder about a stimulus package that give some Americans $1,000.  Is that maybe because their lobbyists aren’t going to get some of that money?  Do you think?

If these figures piss you off, recheck my math.  When you have discovered that my math is correct, and still you are pissed off, take the time to write to your congressperson and senator.  Write to our President- elect. Give them those numbers.  Show them just how simple it is.  Tell them that you want $70o Billion dollars set aside to create 11,700,000 jobs paying $60,000 a year.  Tell them if they don’t they’ll be replaced.

Tell them you want an answer to your letter.  Tell them you want to see results.  Tell them you are sick of cheering on executives who get paid $10 Million a year so that they can blow your entire retirement portfolio on Credit Default Swaps, and then swashbuckle Congress into making the American people pay for their stupidity.  Tell them you are sick of 7.2% unemployment when it is clear that this nation has more than enough money in it to provide those jobs.  Tell them you want an answer!


It really is that simple.  Do that, and watch this recession go bye-bye in about a month.

You and I both know our government will never do it.  No, instead, we’ll be given difficult to understand spreadsheets and calculus equations that would have driven einstein mad.  Plus, they’ll tell us that pretty soon, if they did that, no one would be on welfare.  What would America do if it woke up one morning, and poverty was almost gone?


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