Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 2, 2009

Operation how to downsize medicare

I’m about to broach a subject that many would claim labels me as “liberal”.  I, however, choose to label myself as a Libervative.


Did I just coin another word?  Damn!

What’s a Libervative?  I think of myself as a raging Independent, stuck somewhere in the middle of American politics.  I can see the good and bad in both Liberal thinking, and Conservative thinking.  We Libervatives tend to look at both sides as if they are somewhat uneducated.  After all, dogma means one-eye blind.

The topic for today?  National Health Care.

When I say National Health Care, I mean a system where every American has not just affordable health care, but paid for health care.  I don’t care how we get there, so long as we get there.  This argument, to me, is similar to the discussion concerning poverty and starvation in our world.  Many of us Libervatives find it completely asinine that in today’s society, even one person starves ever.  It’s not silly, it’s disgusting.  We try our best to help, contributing our money to the best charities we can find, but it’s never enough.  It needs to be enough!

We also find it asinine that in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, there are people who have to choose to not see a doctor because they have no insurance.  Insurance.  What a word, one that can mean good things, or evil things.  I am a financial advisor, so I deal with insurance moment by moment for my clients.  I even try to help them with health insurance, even though I HATE it.  Life Insurance is a good thing; health insurance should be unnecessary.

When we consider the necessities of life, there are precious few things that people really need in order to make use of American Freedom.  Food, shelter, clothing, iPods, HD TV are amongst the needs.  Okay, maybe not iPods or HDTV.  Let’s replace those two with health, as in good health.

Chasing the American Dream is not possible without food, shelter, clothing, and health.  The American Dream doesn’ t exist without national security.  Many take that to mean the military, which, I suppose, from a dogmatic viewpoint would be true.  But in national security, I also place healthcare.  To me, national security is about anything that threatens our freedom and ability toward self-determination as a whole, or as individuals.  Lack of decent, or any, healthcare, then,  is a definite threat to our national security.

We have attempted the open market system of health insurance for decades now.  We’re backsliding.  Fewer and fewer can find affordable health insurance, while more and more insurers find reasons not to provide coverage at all.  Somehow, though, many are of the belief that all we have to do is tweak the system to fix that.  My friends, those who cannot afford health insurance, and insurance companies themselves are like two connected buildings collapsing at the same time.  No amount of tweaking can save them.  We are faced with two sides falling away from each other at the same speed, and in the same moment.    A string cannot hold them together, yet it’s a string that our politicians are proposing.

“We need to make health insurance affordable for every American.”

Why? And, don’t you know that it’s impossible?  I work with insurance companies.  I know their underwriting limitations, as well as how their actuaries calculate risk.  I’m telling you, if insurance companies are involved, it’s impossible to provide affordable health insurance for every American.  Health Insurance companies are the middle man, and that middle man must make a profit.  It is that profit that makes insurance unaffordable, and who can blame a company for wanting to make a profit?  Isn’t that what they exist for?

There’s only one way to provide healthcare for every American.  Politicians already know this.  They won’t utter it to the media, or to anyone else, but they know the truth.  The only way to provide healthcare for every American is to eliminate the middle man, to amputate health insurance altogether. The problem with doing that for our elected officials is the very thing that I as an independent have railed against for years; namely lobbyists.  The health insurance lobby is one of the largest lobbying groups in America.  They provide our politicians with “information”, statistics, and most sadly of all, campaign  and Party contributions.  Our elected officials are loathe to walk away from the insurance companies.  It takes money to win an election and fund a political party.  Few others  fund the two parties like insurance lobbyists do.

Here is where being a Democrat or a Republican is like looking in the mirror.  Both parties have made themselves subject to the desires of big insurance.  Neither party will ever sever that tie.  You say you’re proud to be a Liberal Democrat or Conservative Republican?  I ask, why?  Your favorite elected official is selling you out to a higher bidder.  Your favorite political party is betraying you for campaign contributions.  Further more, they’ve been selling you out for years, and they have absolutely no intention to stop.  Yes, you are their constituent.  But the two parties know who butters their bread, and it isn’t you.

National Healthcare is an emergency.  Sometimes, you have to amputate to save a life.  Our nation needs to amputate health insurance from our national health system.  Problem is, our elected officials’ balls have already been amputated by these same insurance lobbyists.

There’s more than enough money in this nation to provide good, timely healthcare to every individual.  The only thing stopping us is our own elected officials.  So long as they include health insurance in the big picture, America will continue to allow a good portion of its citizens to fall through the cracks.  It cannot happen any other way.  When an individual who cannot afford insurance at any price is asked to pay an “affordable” premium, he is being asked to go without.

Sure, our nation could tax the rich and the middle class to help pay those premiums, but why?  Why would we pay an insurance company premiums when we could save more money by eliminating the premiums altogether?  Since we already know that more taxation is required to provide good healthcare for every American, why would we make that cost even higher by hiring a middle man whose only goal is to make a profit?

Would it not make much more sense to pay for actual services, rather than paying for the risk of service?  Adding “risk” to the equation adds cost, but it certainly doesn’t add value.  You amputate anything that dilutes value when it comes to national security.

If you find yourself angry about our national healthcare problem, I encourage you to contact your congressional representative, and tell them in plain words how you feel.  Tell them to stop taking money from health insurance lobbyists, and do the right thing, or you’ll spread the word against them.  Tell them to eliminate insurance companies from the equation, so that America can truly afford the cost of protecting its citizens.

Our national security depends upon it.  A nation is only as strong as its weakest citizens.  If we are to come together as a nation, we must do so as a healthy nation.



  1. willpen said

    We may be brain sharing today, but your brain has said it so much better than mine.

    Staying on this whole new concept of an Unabridged PoliticalParty Pooper New World Order Dictionary, I have a great idea. Maybe all we need to do is just change the words around and NOT call it what it always was. Let’s make up some new words and maybe while they are scrambling around trying to understand this new language we can sneak some real changes in underneath their noses.

    Oh.. and one more thing? Can I also be a “Liberative”?

  2. […] My friend PoliticalPartyPooper has done it again !  Not only has he taken on healthcare with “NATIONAL HEALTHCARE IS NATIONAL SECURITY”, but he is declaring himself as a “Liberative” and I am taking up the cause with […]

  3. Willpen,

    “Oh.. and one more thing? Can I also be a “Liberative”?”

    Yes, so long as you include the “v” after the “r”, and thus, become a Libervative. That extra “v” is pivotal.

    “Let’s make up some new words and maybe while they are scrambling around trying to understand this new language we can sneak some real changes in underneath their noses.”

    Now you’re talking! We should head over to GDAB and just start Libervativing!

  4. willpen said

    OOPS… going to change the word now…..and yes the “V” pivotal…I feel like it is 1973 all over again….

  5. willpen said

    I would be careful how we libervative Travis…..

  6. Nah, we don’t have to worry about Travis. He’s as far left as they come. There is no “middle” for him, only Left and Right. If you are not with him, you are against him. But he’ll be okay, because people like us love the Travis’ of the world.

  7. willpen said

    You have no idea how many Travis’ I have come across in my years with dealing with the public. I rise to the occasion with people like him and love to play with their heads. They make it so easy…

  8. I used to ask if guys like him had been dropped on his head as an infant. Now, however, I try to understand…but the problem is, I don’t know if they want to be understood.

    “Some people just want to watch the world burn”

  9. Cecil Jones said

    Liberative is a cute word, but it will take more than words to make this dream reality. Health care is big business. It’s bigger than giving blood to the American Red Cross. Money changes hands in a lot of dark alleys and nobody wants to lose that money. Insurance pays for something when we don’t need it and it doesn’t pay when we do. Social Security gets to keep the money if and when you die. It’s a Ponzi scheme. Insurance is a mob shakedown. Do you think a cute word will change this? Until its a crime to profit from death, nothing will change.

  10. Politicalpartypooper said


    Libervative IS a cute word, but this isn’t a cute issue. I agree with you. One of the reasons I am so anti-political party is because of all the money that changes hands between our elected officials and lobbyists. You are right; no one wants to lose that money.

    That’s why I say that political parties are treasonous. Just about every elected official who is affiliated with a political party puts his party and campaign money ahead of the welfare of our nation. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would have called that treason. In fact, I don’t see a single politician today who would have enough honor in his blood to even hold the scrotum of those two men. Maybe Obama…we’ll see.

  11. willpen said


    You bring up some great points and you are right that changing a word will not change the deed. But I am thinking more of a shift in mentality. Words are perceptions and perceptions are almost always pre-conceived notions. A changing of the dialogue, be it through words or actions is what we need here.

    As PPP said above about Jefferson and Washington, the act of affiliation would have seemed treasonous because the entire concept of political parties never even entered into the initial equation.

    But, look a bit further beyond those first heady days of a new country to see how quickly Jefferson and Adams were bitten by the political party bug. Washington managed to remain unscathed by this but both Jefferson and Adams took this to the next level.

    So the fact is that from the beginning there was bound to be sides. The thing is now I think we are ready to start changing some of those perceptions. If changing the words or the way we say them helps, then I am all for it.

  12. GItheJOE said

    I have screamed this idea of Healthcare or the right to mend your wounds as one of the basics needs of life for years. Just the idea of putting a price tag on your body is wrong.

  13. Politicalpartypooper said


    So long as we “underwrite” people’s health, individuals will have a price tag on their bodies. I am glad to see you are passionate about National healthcare. We need about three hundred million more of us to feel the same. Maybe then our elected officials won’t ignore us.

  14. jane said

    Hi Poopster. I like the aim of this post. Reminds me of (gah! Dirty Fucking Hippie!) Michael Moore, who said that the key is to make health care a non-profit (e.g. –and I don’t mean i.e.– government-run) industry. Take the profit motive out. There is no way for them to increase profits (always the goal in private industry) without charging us higher premiums and/or denying coverage. He had a good fucking point there, and so do you.

    How “Christian” is it to let the least of my brothers suffer, etc. etc.?

  15. Politicalpartypooper said

    Thanks Jane,

    It isn’t Christian at all to lt the least of our brothers suffer, but then again, we are most definitely not a Christian nation. We are a Capitalist nation first. Michael Moore?

    Umm, couldn’t you have found someone better to compare me with?

  16. I was hoping to use your July 2, 2009 Healthcare Cartoon on our website. Please email me if this is permissable.

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