Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 1, 2009

So you say 95% of Americans will get a tax cut, President-elect Obama?

You know, I didn’t believe that campaign promise from the moment it was uttered, even in good times.  Here’s why.

Apparently, a congressional panel is recommending a ten cent increase on the gasoline tax.  That’s more than a fifty percent increase on the current 18 cent per gallon tax.  We need this to fund our public road projects and infrastructure, the report said.  Okay, I can understand that.  Never mind that Obama is also talking about funding infrastructure improvements as a means to an economic stimulus package.

What I can’t understand is why politicians think the normal Amrican is so stupid as to believe silly campaign promises.  I realize that many of Obama’s supporters did believe his promises, but to me, the campaign was never about two candidates’ lips flapping.  It was about change, and I’m holding the new administartion to that promise, only.  Where I come from, an increase on the gasoline tax is a tax increase for everyone.  Tax us where you will, how you will, when you will; you cannot hide the fact that a tax increase is a tax increase by any other name.

My sincere hope is that President-elect Obama will reject this tax increase, and spell out to the American people just what is necessary for us to elevate from the rubble.  If it is a tax increase, then so be it.  Just don’t try to hide it, or call it something else in the guise of “keeping campaign promises”.  That kind of politics is what got us into this mess, and it’s no change at all.

It’s time for ALL of our elected officials to get some balls, and tell the truth.  A tax cut for ninety-five percent of Americans should be exactly that.  If you can’t keep the promise, tell us why.  I think, President Obama, you’d be surprised to find out that Americans bought your “change we can believe in” slogan, and most are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt; so long as you tell us the truth.  But if you forge ahead with your “tax-cut”, only to hide it in higher sales taxes elsewhere, that’s not change.

That’s the last eight years.

Give us some credit.  Try it.  Tell us the truth.  Even if you have to raise taxes because of failed fiscal policies from the previous administartion, just tell us the truth about it.  If you hide it, there will be no hiding for you four years from now.

Be the man we all hoped you were two months ago.  The time to do that is now.


One Response to “GASOLINE TAX TO RISE?”

  1. willpen said

    You ask why as normal Americans we choose to believe campaign promises. This is one of the great questions or enigmas, or greatest questions wrapped in an enigma of modern times. We do so because as humans we need to grasp hold onto something in order to allow ourselves to follow it.

    As you have said, it is time for testicular counting here. The answer now lies in our commitment to force the issues that they promise us. But not in the foreboding way that is already unfolding out there, while the masses on both sides stash their weapons and lay in wait. We REALLY have to be smart about it this time.

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