Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 31, 2008


Coined Phrases.  Quotes.  Celebrity or not, here I come.

The other day, I shared one of my coined phrases with a fellow blogger named Willpen.  That phrase is “Verbal bitch slap”.

Now, I’m sure you don’t need me to explain what it means, but I’m going to do it anyway.

A bitch slap is almost self-explanatory.  Alec Baldwin once called it the “time-revered bitch-slap” on Saturday Night Live.  Simply stated, it is a back hand to the cheek of your “opponent”, and the implications of it are nothing short of absolute disrespect and dominance.

Thus, a verbal bitch-slap is the communicative form.  Specifically, a verbal bitch slap works best in this forum, especially in the commenting section of your favorite blog.  When used correctly, the receiving party will know he has been verbally bitch slapped.

Example:  You hold a blog conversation with a fellow who disagrees with your position.  You can go back and forth all day long in this medium, and sometimes it can be fun.  But sometimes, too, it can be rather irksome, especially when your fellow conversationalist is irrational, or arrogantly wrong without being able to admit his fault.  Hey, we’ve all been wrong before; I usually find it best to admit it quickly so as not to make an ass out myself any more than necessary.  But sometimes, your opponent just won’t admit his failings.

At that point, you have to make a decision.  Most of the time, your opponent is already being nasty, so it’s not necessarily wrong to bitch-slap him.  Once you’ve made the decision, your opponent will almost always let you know that he knows he’s just been verbally bitch slapped.

How does he let you know?  It usually sounds something like this:

“Your writing is almost as bad as your ability to convince anyone of anything” or “You’re an asshole”.  Or some insult that has nothing to do with anything you’ve been arguing.  It’s subtle, but if you pay attention, you’ll usually catch it by watching how aggressive your opponent becomes in his responses.  Once the agression starts, you know he knows he’s going down to a verbal bitch slap.  It can all be avoided, but precious few stop themselves in time.

Something in us just cries out to be verbally bitch slapped from time to time.  It’s happened to me, too, and I hold no grudges.

So…if you find yourself rapidly approaching the verbal bitch-slap zone, stop, turn around, admit your mistake, and go get help.  Personally, I do not like giving verbal bitch slaps.  But there are times when some people are just itching for it.  You know the ones; they argue with just about everyone, they are rude, insulting, and condescending.

Sometimes it’s just too tempting to resist.  I’m sorry.

Since “Verbal Bitch-Slap” is so offending, here’s another of my favorite coined phrases that probably won’t insult anyone:

We always believe that what we believe is the absolute truth, right up until the moment we believe something else.

political party pooper, 2008



  1. willpen said


    OH.. and sometimes verbal bitch-slapping CAN be fun too…

    Happy New Year…

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