Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 30, 2008

Detroit Auto Show

I love Ford cars and trucks.  Almost always have.  I love the Mustang; even own one, and am thinking about upgrading in the next year or two.  But when I read this I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Apparently, Ford is introducing a self-parking car.  Amazing!

And, a bit stupid, all things being considered.  Yes, it’s a decent bit of technological thinking, and I’m sure it will make someone’s life a little easier for a little while.  But isn’t this sort of indicative of the reasons why America is in such an economic mess?  A self-parking car, I ask you?

Of all the innovations needed right now in the Auto industry, this one has to rank just about last.  Maybe not dead last, because there does seem to be some protection afforded with this device for blind spots, and that’s a safety issue, no doubt.  But in a time when all three American Automakers are in dire straights (Ford is admittedly doing the best of the three), wouldn’t it make more sense to take the money dedicated to the self-parking technology, and direct it toward efficiency technology?  Wouldn’t it make better sense to spend R & D dollars on designing and building an extremely affordable, ultimate gas miser?

Henry Ford was an innovator, and when people told him he couldn’t mass produce a car that everyone could afford, he basically said, “nonsense”.  He then proceeded to build the “T”, and dominated the auto industry for decades.  Ford is in just such a position again, with money available to do the unthinkable; solve the efficiency crisis by designing and building a car that everyone can afford.  Of course, in today’s litigious society, after they accomplished that goal, they would be immediately prosecuted in an anti-trust suit, because here in America, we punish companies for dominating in their chosen field. (See Microsoft)

We won’t see Ford in any anti-trust suits soon, because instead of doing the right thing, they chose to do what Detroit has done for decades; build a neat gadget that sells autoshow tickets and makes people watch commercials.  We bailed out GM and Chrysler.  If this is what Ford has been doing with their last fistful of dollars, we’ll be bailing them out, too.

Some ideas can wait for the right time.  This is not the right time for a self-parking car.  Honestly, who gives a crap?  In 2009, you’ll have to just about give the car away that it comes with.

What a waste.


2 Responses to “WHAT THE …IS FORD THINKING?”

  1. willpen said

    This quote says it all:

    >>>”I don’t know about you, but when I was taking my driving test, parallel parking was the most stressful part,” he said.<<<

    YEA!!!….and that is why we all take driving lessons in order to LEARN to drive ourselves.

    They don’t need to re-tool because they already are TOOLS !!! This is just so indicative of what we have become as a society and YES I admit that I am one of the ones that love new toys in my cars, but when I give back my Big Ass Jeep Cherokee in March, I am going small and green. I have decided to grow up and stop playing with toys.

  2. Bully for you!


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