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Willpen said this so eloquently in a comment, that I just had to share it with you all (or you one, depending on how many people REALLY stop by here).

“the key phrase for me that sticks out is “strong moral code”. How do we even begin to address such a statement.

I look at this from an entirely different perspective. I am in retail furniture and for the majority of the 25 years that I have been doing this, I have always had the option to opt out of overseas imports, due to what I considered both lack of quality and quality control. My choice was to always stay with either American made goods (which is now non-existent) or Canadian made goods. As the amount of goods that are even made on this continent shrinks, I am left with less and less choices that I can make as a small business owner without having to deal with the horrible lack of quality that comes from overseas.

I have watched as the manufacturing sector of our economy has shrunk down from a once noble standing to one of cheap garbage being sold to people at every Walmart and Target in the Continental United States. What I have not seen however is our government stepping in and making these manufacturers turned importers being held responsible for the jobs that have been lost here all in the name of remaining competitive. I know that this may not actually fall under the point that you have been trying make in this post, but, I go back the “strong moral code” that I quoted earlier.

We have lost this as a nation. We no longer have pride in anything done for the whole. It is simply always done for the few whether they are men of monetary power playing monopoly with our money, or men of manufacturing who take their goods overseas to the lowest bidder in any factory found on the banks of any river in China, Vietnam or any country willing to pay cents on the dollar for the same work that Americans need to do for more.”

This statement cuts to the heart of what is wrong with the foundation of America today.  Willpen cites a “strong moral code” as being lacking in our gool old US of A.  I agree, rather sadly I might add.  I’ve noticed a trend amongst young people in America, but I think I can’t blame it on any generation except my own.  I’m 41.

What is this trend?  I call it the “White Collar or No Collar Work Ethic of America”.  More and more, we are seeing blue collar jobs leave our shores.  Some say it’s because our manufacturers cannot compete with the cost of foreign goods.  But I have noticed that even before we began losing all of these jobs, the psychology of mainstream America was that if you wanted to get ahead or amount to something, you had to go to college.  Furthermore, you had to land a white collar job.  If you wanted to live in poverty, you went to work at the local factory.

What do you think this kind of mentality would do to the approach of career choice for several entire generations of Americans?  Fact is, relatively few people growing up today want to work in any factory anywhere. They want to start as a VP earning six figures in a couple years.   Allowing foreign companies that pay their employees pennies on the dollar to build “competing” goods ensures that factory jobs will continue to pay less and less, while more and more of them will leave.

Here’s where the moral problem lies.  Countries that are on step two of the ten-step free market system (and human rights system) are being allowed to compete openly with nations on step nine.  Why?  Because they can produce cheaper products with fewer regulations, both environmentally and in terms of labor law.  In our consumer economy, it becomes increasingly important to save money on the things we buy, so we have more money left to buy more things.  These “more things” are built cheaply, and quality suffers.  Just think of all the trouble Chinese toy makers are having with lead in paint.

Often times, foreign products aren’t built to any standard except cost.  And when cost is the only standard you use to sell a product, you are assured of getting junk. In nation’s where open gutter latrines lie a quarter mile south of the five hundred million dollar glass factory that employs ten thousand people, you can smell the contrast.

“What I have not seen however is our government stepping in and making these manufacturers turned importers being held responsible for the jobs that have been lost here all in the name of remaining competitive.”

I would agree, except, these importers haven’t remained competitive. They are passing off junk as the equivalent of what used to be American quality, not to sell apples for apples, but just to be in the game to sell anything at all.  That’s not competing, that’s cheating.

The American factory worker is a dying breed, and I fear we have done this to ourselves.  Furthermore, unless one is directly affected by the loss of the American factory worker, no one really gives a crap.  Walmart will continue to sell garbage, and people will continue to buy it because it’s cheap.  Look at what we eat for lunch.  McDonalds and Taco Bell; fast and cheap.  They are not equal to Bob’s diner, only faster and cheaper.  But a few people here and there are getting Uber-Rich, and that’s what’s important.

Is that what America has come to?




  1. willpen said

    Thank you for this. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. This is one subject that is never addressed enough.

    I am going to link to this post from my blog so that we can help get the word out.

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