Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 5, 2008


“Your decision to utilize the TARP funds, or to work with the Federal Reserve to make available assistance through its  existing lending programs, or both, are essential to the Congress’ ability to address this critical economic situation in a timely manner, and would also eliminate the uncertainties inherent in the legislative process, ” say Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic committee chairmen in the letter.

This is what we are down to in Congress?  Sending letters to President Bush?

That is exactly what House and Senate leaders did Thursday after spending hours listening to the Big Three automakers   pitch their need for a bailout.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi passed the buck; in essence, they chose to play politics rather  than decide on this issue up front.

Generally, Congress will draft and pass a bill, and send it to the Senate, rather than drafting a letter and sending it to the White house.  At the very least, Congress could have drafted a revision to the TARP bill, including the US Automakers in the cash grab.  This is how Washington works; even in the midst of “the worst financial crisis since the Great depression”, our elected officials are playing politics, trying to read the tea leaves with regards to their re-election hopes two years from now.

History lesson:  It was Washington politics that sent a deep recession in 1929 into the Great depression of the 1930’s.  Looks like our elected officials haven’t learned their history lesson (see Joe Biden, and his belief in National Television, and FDR being President in 1929), and thus, are we now doomed to repeat history?

If we are to swoon into another Great depression, let me spell out for our elected officials and citizens exactly what that will mean to our nation.  The people of this great country are not the same people of the 1930’s.  We are more informed, more communicative, and far, far, far more volatile.  We are also better armed.  None of those things means anything good can arise from another Great depression in our time.

If such a beast is born, this nation will change irreparably; and there is the strong possibility of a brief period of anarchy, preceded by the destruction of our constitution.  All of that sounds extreme, but we live in extreme times, my friends.  “X” is the favorite letter around these parts.

It is hard for me to understand how our elected officials can be so out of touch with reality.  I do not understand how the Democrats can still believe that Americans voted them in to power because Americans believe the Democratic party has the right idea.  No such thing is true.  The Democrats were voted in simply because there was no better alternative.  They need to understand this, and embrace it, or they will be tarred and feathered right before the next American Revolution.

The time for politics has passed.  The time for action is now.  If our Congress cannot get it done, then what hope do we have of any free future?  With this letter, Congress has decided to circumvent process and attempted to place the onus on the Bush administration.

The sickest part of all of this belongs to the fact that the Democrats are so out of touch that they actually believe they are still pulling the wool over America’s eyes.  That goes for the Republicans, too.

Not this American.


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