Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 1, 2008

The Left Wing juggernaut is alive and kicking.  In my last post, Bob Cesca is an Idiot, a vast majority of the comments were from Lefties.  Interestingly enough, they all sounded alike.  Same tired old talking points, same vitriolic attacks, and finally, the same boring style of attempting to silence a critic by insulting his intelligence.

Hey Lefties, at least the Righties are willing to discuss differences without trying to minimalize a fellow human being’s existence…most of the time.  True, Righties do have their “shut up, or I’ll smack you in the mouth!” moments.  However, it’s been my experience that for sheer disrespect and unrighteous anger, you gotta go to a Lefty.

If you want to be hated, or untolerated, then you must seek out the Lefty in your midst.  Only he has the balls to tell you to die right there and then.  A Righty will think it, but will mostly never say it.

For myself, I find the whole Lefty / Righty thing tiresome.  I wonder inwardly how so many intelligent people can be so blind as to allow themselves to led by the nose.  I struggle to understand the desire to bow to a politcial party, any political party.  Is it because so many of us really want to belong that desperately?  Do we join a political party, or support one from a distance because we believe that alone, we are nuetralized?

What if your party is wrong?  What if your party is right most of the time, but on the really important things, disagrees with you?  What do you do then?  What if your party loses an election?  Are you a patriot, or do you quit on America?

Four years ago, I heard many Lefties swear they were moving to Canada because they believed George Bush had stolen the 2004 election.  Rather than stay to help our nation straighten its course, they instead decided that abandoning The United States of America was the best way to show their patriotism.

Obviously, few of them actually left.  I am glad.  They make life more interesting.  Can you imagine an America with only Righties?  Good God!   What a bore that would be!

So to all of you Lefties who stop here by and by, I say welcome.  Same thing to you Righties.  Of course, we who are in the middle will always have friends on both sides.  We may not always agree, but America was built with disagreement in mind.  I think we can all handle it.

Unless, of course, your name is Bob Cesca.  ;o)



  1. Thanks for this.

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