Posted by politicalpartypooper on November 27, 2008


Here’s the link that proves it. The Extreme And Imaginery Pro-Obama Bias.  Go on…read it.

Maybe he’s right.  Maybe there really is no bias.  Or, maybe the Mainstream Media is trying to say to us, “Move along…nothing to look at here, there’s no bias to see anywhere.   Let’s move, people!”

I am reminded of what Chris Matthews said with regards to what his job as a journalist is.  He said something along the lines of it being his job, as a journalist, to do everything he could to make sure Obama’s presidency was viewed as a success.  When questioned about that newest of journalistic job descriptions, Matthews reiterated that it was all of the media’s job to make sure Barack Obama’s administration was a success.

Excuse me, umm, Chris?  Isn’t it really your job to report the truth?  Is there nothing in your job description which states that regardless of who you are reporting on, your job is to report the facts?  In truth, isn’t one of the highest rules of journalism to make certain you never create the news, or become part of it?

In all of that, how does making sure that the Obama presidency succeeds fulfill your role as an unbiased journalist?

On your bed mate, Keith Olberman, I think his special reports and statements speak for themselves.  Nope, no media bias, nothing to see here…move along.

Bob Cesca, you must be joking.  Are you now going to insult the intelligence of Americans by telling us that we are imagining this bias?  How arrogant, you stuck-on-yourself pig.  Take a shower, you reek of crap.  The place you choose to issue forth your “nothing to look at here, you crazy conservatives” garbage, The Huffington Post, of all places?  Bob, really?  No media bias at the Huff Post?  Not even when repeatedly, Ms. Huffington herself calls any Republican administration “the dark ages of America”?

I guess, Bob, when you are implicit in the very media bias that everyday Americans rage about (almost ALL of them more intelligent than yourself), you sort of become blind to it, huh?  Kind of like an idiot?

Wake up America.  Barack Obama may really bring change, he may really be a great President…I sure do hope so.  But you, me, we are all going to have to open our eyes a little farther to find the truth.  We aren’t going to get it from people like Bob Cesca, Ms. Huffington, or Chris Matthews.  They’re all too busy wiping their chins after getting back up from their knees in front of our new president.


23 Responses to “BOB CESCA IS AN IDIOT”

  1. ieatgravel said

    You’re absolutely correct. Bob Cesca is just a nobody that uses words and phrases like Laffer curve, Gerrymander, Caucus, NIMBY, and Foggy Bottom… but not once does he ever explain the ideological underpinnings of these phrases. Even though we all know that what Mr. Cesca says in his posts is true, he should still refrain from posting. After all, isn’t the media supposed to be objective and lie at least half of the time?

  2. DSWagz said

    Ooh Yeah. The Media will finally be truely fair and balanced when Olbermann, Huffington and Cesca are finally all spewing and oozing the same mindless, fact-devoid talking points as Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Kristol, Krauthammer, Brooks, Coulter, Hume, Dobson, Malkin, Brokaw, Blitzer, Beck, Fox Noise, CNN, and ALL of AM radio.

    The world would be such a better informed and happier place if we all agreed on the same things, and hated the same people.

  3. Steak Tartar said

    You know there’s a huge difference between “Wake up America” and “Wake up, America”, right? Kind of like the one between “Eat my friends” and “Eat, my friends” and “Come on Eileen” and “Come on, Eileen”.

    And for anyone looking in from the outside it’s quite clear there’s a strong media bias in the US, but it sure ain’t liberal. America is by far the most right-leaning modern industrialized nation when it comes to overall media bias. In any other Western nation, the bullshit about Obama being a muslim terrorist/radical socialist would have been laughed out of the room rather than be discussed by Very Serious People. Get a grip.

  4. Olly said

    I think you might be enlightened a little if you listen to Arianna Huffington talk about bias and the purpose of HuffPo: http://tinyurl.com/65qvbc

    Obviously, Bob Cesca was an Obama supporter. Does that mean he can’t still write commentaries about the so-called liberal bias? No. At least he’s honest about his perspective though.

    The problem with so-called “objective journalism” is those who operate within it work harder to prove they are unbiased than they do to report the truth. Yes, there are two opposite extremes, but the truth does NOT lie in the middle. Huffington proposes that journalists eliminate the false pretense and be honest so they can have the freedom to investigate the truth, rather than constantly dealing with the fear that they are slanting too far to one side. If you want true objective journalism, watch Democracy Now! Amy Goodman may be looked upon as a person of the left, but she is not held captive by a need to cater to the middle. She reports the truth as SHE sees it. Sometimes it hurts Democrats, sometimes it hurts Republicans. Her bias is towards the people…and that’s how it should be.

  5. scribblechic said

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Is this the right wing agenda for the next 8 years? Let’s cry and whine about the handful of journalists/reporters that refused to be sucked into our neo con crazy vaacuum and spew our talking points against the MUSLIM socailist, marxist anti american liberal center righty that attended radical racist CHRISTIAN churches. Well good luck with that. It worked soooo well for you during the election I’m sure it will help you tackle our 2 wars and save us all from financial ruin.
    Oh wait…thats what Americans from right,left and center in the REAL world are preparing to do while you sit in your FOX induced stupors and lick your wounds from the ass kicking the country gave you.
    Well all I can say is this: Americans have decided the time for partisan games is OVER. ENOUGH! We need JOBS, We need our soldiers to come home and we need an end to the financial crisis. Our President will LEAD (for a change), Americans will sacrifice, support and follow our President’s lead and the rest of you pathetic crybaby’s with nothing of value to contribute to move us forward as a country can get the F*ck out of the way because as of 05NOV2008 you were offically rendered obsolete.

  6. McWolcott said

    Oh look, another shining example of the right-wingnuts. Stick to listening to Limbaugh and Hannity and leave the grown-ups in charge of serious dialogue.

  7. CycloCynic said

    Upon reading both your post and Bob’s post, I think that Bob’s article is more thoughtful, in spite of his colorful language. That’s not my point, though.

    We Americans, particularly those of us under 25, are mythologizing Barack Obama because he fits our image of a leader. We feel politically empowered for the first time in our adult lives. As Scribblechic implies, we know that we have a leader who is LEADING.

    The media is reporting this phenomenon, and part of this reporting includes discussing the stark contrast between Obama and his predecessors.

    Bob Cesca is doing his job, and doing it well. Deal with it.

  8. bibi said

    Instead of whining about your loss of power and the people who have the wit and stones to call you out on your BS, why don’t you roll up your sleeves and help rebuild what to helped tear down over the last 8 years? We need help, not more urination.

  9. Because one ill-advised statement by one show-host equals media bias. Right. And the HuffPo is now “mainstream media?” That’s hysterical!

    I guess this website will continue the Bush/Rove tradition and be published from Opposites-Land, where up is down and black is white?

  10. JackDanieL said

    Words are important. Like when you falsely claim that Matthews (who I am not a fan of) has said that he will “do everything he could to make sure Obama’s presidency was VIEWED AS a success.”


    He said that he will do everything in his power to make sure Obama’s presidency IS A SUCCESS.
    That is TRUE patriotism, not some copyrighted bumper magnet version of it.

    Also, your writing is terrible.
    Maybe by sophomore year you will get it cleaned up.

  11. jane said

    Heh. You misspelled ‘imaginary’ even when copying it in the title of someone else’s post.

    You must be so excited to have generated a few comments! Congratulations.

    P.S. The number of people who pay zero income tax corresponds directly to the number of people not earning enough damn money to live off of. Yea Bush!

  12. Chris said

    Wow. Anger, much?

  13. Joe said

    On their knees? Wiping their chins? Wow! At least they are not SWALLOWING loads of Cheney and Bush sperm like wide stance republicans have been doing for the last 8 years while the rest of the country has been getting it up the ass.
    God what a whiny little republican baby.

  14. Vlad Gregory said

    Well done, though the language needs a bit of polishing. Otherwise, spot on. It’s a pleasant surprise seeing a political blogger that ISN’T blindly fellating anything not Conservative. Keep up the good work.

  15. Media bias? For every Keith Olbermann, I can name ten Rush Limbaughs. And though it’s not mainstream media, for every Huffington Post, I can name ten Michelle Malkins.
    By the way, is there anything in the Cesca article you can refute? He sites research polls and links to a half dozen examples to make his point. All I see on your post is a misquoted Chris Matthews line. Nice try.

  16. 24hourjack said

    last i checked,olbermann,matthews,or bob cesca were not anchoring the nightly news.they werent writing above the fold for major publications.they are payed to give opinions.im fairly certain that huffington post never billed itself as “fair and balanced”.these people are simply commenting on our country,and our world and how they feel about it.very similar to people like sean hannity,glenn beck,or michelle malkin.the difference being:cesca,olberman,etc…are not racist,homophobic,bubbleheaded,knuckledragging peddlers of vile hateful propoganda with the specific intent to incite angry jingoistic knownothings.these difference is,these people reside somewhere resembling reality.

  17. Politicalpartypooper said

    Jack Daniels,

    Yes, my writing is terrible. This blog isn’t about the English language, nor is it English Comp 101. I can live with it.

    For most of the rest of you, I am assuming you came here hoping to find another Republican conservative you could talk down from your heights. I think you should read what this blog is about before you label me.

    For those of you too lazy to read, I’ll spell it out here: I am an INDEPENDENT, and damn proud of it.

    If that causes you some angst, deal with it. This post was a knee-jerk response to a BLOG POST that Bob Cesca wrote. I am imagining that all of you just might be Bob Cesca pretending to be someone else in order to respond while not looking like he is responding. Of course I realize it’s not true. But it is fun imagining it.

    I wrote this knee-jerk response in about seven minutes; there was almost no research done, and I don’t care.

    But, as an American, this I do care about; I want Barack Obama to succeed. Our country needs it, you all need it, I need it. I might be reaching, but I think the world needs a US President to succeed as well, one that doesn’t invite college interns into the Oval Office for late night cigars, or offer water-boarding shows live from Gitmo. This is the bent of my blog. It isn’t about party, creed, or favoritism. I don’t have a favorite team I am rooting for. In my experience, both teams are treasonous.

    Maybe it is that assertion which causes you “liberals” to want to silence me by insulting my writing. I find this to be okay. Carry on with it. In the end, remember that I am not your enemy. Your enemy is the very party you voted for.

    That goes for both sides.

    Broadway Carl; It’s not what is in his post that needs refuting. Anyone can cite statistics, especially when you get paid for thirty-six hours of work finding them. I do not, but if I did get paid, you could rest your mighty mind that I could find equally damning statistics that supported everything I said. This is the way it works in America, Carl. Are you so blind as to not see that? It’s more about what is not in his post that I find disturbing.

    Finally, I apologize for misquoting Chris Matthews. Nevertheless, the meaning of what I wrote and what he actually said aren’t very different. He has a job to do, as a journalist. That job does not include making sure that Barack Obama’s presidency is a success. Only Barack Obama can make that happen.

  18. Politicalpartypooper said

    Steak Tartar,

    “You know there’s a huge difference between “Wake up America” and “Wake up, America”, right? Kind of like the one between “Eat my friends” and “Eat, my friends” and “Come on Eileen” and “Come on, Eileen”.”

    Yes, Steak, I do know. But for someone who begins sentences with “And”, or “Kind of like”, I would have thought you’d have taken a pass on my grammar mistake.

  19. QueenTiye said

    Hi. Wandered here from Bob’s. I think your main point was debased by the vicious way you chose to post and the fact that you posted vulgarly against someone who didn’t deserve it.

    I’m independent too. Don’t much like vicious people though.


  20. TruthSerum said

    Everyone is over here now? Great, I have new waters to troll in. Hello Matt and QT!!!



  21. TruthSerum said

    “Maybe it is that assertion which causes you “liberals” to want to silence me by insulting my writing”

    Dude…they insult me as well AND block my IP address. Rat bastards!!!

  22. TruthSerum said

    difference being:cesca,olberman,etc…are not racist,homophobic,bubbleheaded,knuckledragging peddlers of vile hateful propoganda with the specific intent to incite angry jingoistic knownothings.these difference is,these people reside somewhere resembling reality.

    Please…you pasty pansies make racist comments about white males….retained oedipal complex?

  23. Rush said

    Quite frankly I do want the country to fail. I enjoy watching the market plummet each day as we slide towards bankruptcy. I hope that chaos erupts in the streets and Russia makes its moves to regain its former union. North Korea is ready to luanch a missile and Iran should have a nuke soon promising a nice little flash in the Middle East.

    When it all goes down then we will all realize what most scholars and historians already know, is that a liberal society degenerates into entropy.

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