Posted by politicalpartypooper on November 12, 2008


I spoke with a raging Liberal today.  Amazing!

And, Pathetic.

How else could I describe the blindness, the utter nonsensical recital I was forced to listen to this morning?  How else can I tell you about her reaction when I told her she was speaking with a raging Independent?

I listened, because that’s what I do; I want to know why people believe and vote as they do.  I am especially concerned (interested?) when the young lady I was talking to is one of my friends.  At least, I think she’s still my friend…for my part she is, although, I’m not too sure how she feels about me at the moment.

I gave her an opportunity to tell me why she voted for Barack Obama, and instead of telling me her reasons, she chose to tell me that anyone who didn’t was an idiot; an absolute neanderthal who didn’t deserve to live in America, especially if they voted for McCain / @#***#@!PALIN!!@*#@!

Honestly, I asked, what is the issue with Sarah Palin and the Left?  I’ve not seen such a hard-on for a single person since the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton.  Wow!

The answer I received was along the lines of, “You know?  She’s just like…dumb…stupid, totally!”  Okay.  Well put, my young friend.  Did you come up with that all by yourself?  “DUH!!” was the heartwarming response.

She proceeded to tell me that she hoped I had supported a winner, and if I hadn’t, she couldn’t, wouldn’t, ever be able to understand how I did not vote for our only hope to change Washington.

My answer was like a deaf bomb dropped from ten thousand feet, you know the type, suffocating, and able to leave an entire room silent with ears popping.

“Because, my dear lady, change doesn’t happen just because you wrap a different color around a skunk.”

She accused of me being a racist the moment she had regained her composure.  I denied that, and anyone who knows me would defend me.  I explained, “You chose to focus on one word in that entire sentence.  Let me explain what I meant.  Barack Obama will not bring change to Washington exactly because he is a party politician first, and a President second.  It makes no difference if he’s Democrat or Republican, both are just opposite sides of the SAME coin.  If you had really wanted change in Washington, you would have voted for an independent, like I did.  The two political parties are the skunk, and neither one has the ability, or the desire to bring real change to Washington or our nation.”

Her response?  “Congratulations on wasting your vote”

I don’t think she gets it.  it doesn’t matter that I voted for Obama.  What matters are the reasons I did.


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