Posted by politicalpartypooper on November 5, 2008



Congratulations to Barack Obama in his victorious Presidential Campaign.  He was well-spoken, organized, and stayed on message throught the entire two years he ran.  At the very least, we can say that he knows how to stay the course.

“Change has come to America”.  Those are the words being repeated on television and radio broadcasts throughout the United States of America this morning.  Barack Obama’s signature line “Change is what’s happening in America” has suddenly become present tense.   Talking heads in the mainstream media will undoubtedly fawn all over those words, and it will be easier for Americans to believe those words now that we have elected a junior senator from the state of Illinois.

However, I remind my fellow Americans that so far, nothing has changed.  I don’t consider the election of a black man to the highest office in our nation a change.  Maybe some do, but I knew all along that it was only a matter of a brief time before the right man stood before America, black or white, and won this election.  Color is not what’s important in this nation, at least not to me.

What is important is that we actually CHANGE America.  As I stated earlier, change has yet to happen.  Last night, every house representative up for reelection won their campaign.  I can’t begin to say how disappointed I am in America about that.  For two years, we’ve heard nothing but complaints about the second straight “do-nothing” Congress.  We’ve heard excuses and party rhetoric while our congress allowed Wall Street to run rampant with our retirement money.

Change has come to America?  Hardly.

I feel sorry for Barrack Obama.  He has a twenty-thousand foot mountain to climb, and he’s just reached the dizzying height of twenty feet.  Now, he has to work with basically the same Congress that accomplished almost nothing in 730 days.  It seems almost impossible to do, but this Congress achieved it without even breaking a sweat.

As for the Senate, weren’t they the ones who sweetened the bailout deal with tons of pork so it could actually pass?  With them, it’s politics as usual.  Change has come to America?

No, you have to accomplish something before you can actually claim it.  President-elect Obama, I am more than willing to help you in your work, to cooperate with you in bringing real change to America.  But I am the least of your concerns.  You still have partisan politics to abolish, as you promised you would.  You have to find a way to break it to the American people that you just can’t deliver the tax cuts you promised, no matter how nice they would be, due to our current economic crisis; the crisis you called the worst since the Great Depression.  You must also tell the American people that if a National Health Care Plan is what we want, then you have to raise taxes to do it. Above all, President-elect Obama, you must be honest with us.

You’re not running for the office of President anymore.  Now, you have the right to tell the truth; you have the obligation, like a father has to his children, to tell the nation about the hard work that is ahead of us.  Start early, and do it often.  We will respect you for it if you do.

But if you fall into that familiar trap of partisan politics and ideological lies, the independents will come for you in 2012.  We’ll come for your friends, too, in the Senate and the House.

You have the opportunity to change America, but you can’t do it yourself.  Here’s your chance; Ally yourself with the citizens of this great nation.  Do it today.  Don’t wait for your friends in Congress to steal the limelight with their ideological plans, photo-ops, and sound bites.  This is your chance to separate yourself from your party as you have wanted to do for a long time.

This is your chance to shine a bright light on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John McCain.  It’s your time to say to the American people, “Congress and the Senate are on trial, and I will report to you daily on their accomplishments, and on the change they are bringing to America.  And if they choose to continue the feuding and partisan politics, I will be honest with you, and report that as well.  Yes, America, I really will throw my own party under the bus for the good of this nation, and the people in it that I love.   I really will shine that bright light upon them, and force them to do what’s right for America.  And if they don’t, I will advise you to elect someone else, yes, even to the length of endorsing an independent against someone from my own party.  I am one of you, and my party ends where the office of the President of the United States begins.  Together, we really can bring change to America”.

Those are the words I would like to hear from President Barrack Obama.

It’s time to focus on our elected officials, to bring the blitz and pressure them into doing the jobs they are well-paid to do.  Normal Americans work forty to fifty hours a week, with a thirty- minute lunch and a fifteen- minute break each day.  All other time is spent working.  It’s time our elected officials follow the same rules.

Your first job, in bringing change to America beyond just the words?  Remove the financial side of lobbying completely.  Just get rid of the money, the gifts, the trips, and the donations to campaigns and party coffers altogether.  Remove even the hint of corruption in Washington.  That’s where real change starts.  That’s your job, Barack, because that’s the platform you chose to run on.  America will not forget your platform, even if you do.


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