Posted by politicalpartypooper on November 3, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier to be done with it.  Let’s see, in 2006, I do believe, we had our first candidates, did we not?  That’s two years of solid campaigning, and two years of we, the American people, having the same tired, old rhetoric jammed down our throats.

“We’re going to close corporate tax loopholes to make big corporations pay their fair share!”  Sound familiar?  That’s because it’s been a campaign platform for fifty years in America.  Both parties use it.  Neither party ever fulfills that promise.  McCain and Obama won’t either.

There are many, many other platforms that have been recycled in this election, but that one stands out as my favorite, because it’s such an obvious lie, and I can’t understand why Americans fall for it, or would want to.

Think on this:  Everything that affects a corporation’s bottom line is passed on to the consumer.  Rising labor costs affect corporations, and they, in turn, pass that cost onto you and me.  Want our corporations to pay higher taxes, taking a big bite out of their profits?  Guess who pays for that in the end?  That’s right; you and me.

This is basic economics.  It’s so simple to understand that it is frightening to me that citizens still buy this crap from our wannabe Presidents and elected officials.  They must think we are stupid.

Think about it.  We must be stupid, because we keep believing them.

Mark my words:  Any tax increase on the big oil companies, or large corporations will be passed on to you and me.  In essence, no matter who is elected President tomorrow, count on higher taxes; one way or the other.  We will pay for whatever affects the bottom line of our businesses.  That’s economics 101.  It doesn’t change.  You never, ever get something for nothing.  Remember that, the next time you hear a politcian say he wants to make big corporations pay higher taxes. Just mouth these words silently when you hear them, “I just got a tax increase.”


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