Posted by politicalpartypooper on October 15, 2008

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt introduced legislation aimed at giving the American people hope for the future by giving unemployment relief, along with business and investment reform aimed at protecting individual investors and sharing the wealth of the nation. He called it a New Deal. It worked for a while, mainly because it helped America recover from the Great Depression. However, inherent within the New Deal was a regulation and entitlement system which had the capacity to strangle growth in an expanding economy.

Today, we find ourselves in need of another New Deal. As with the first, the second must be aimed at helping American citizens realize their potential, without overbearing regulations from large government. One of the keystones to success in this great nation has been America’s resistance to socialism, which is where we find ourselves currently headed.

The recent failings of banks and investment institutions has created the need for Government intervention; and that need has been expanded by government without thought to its future implications.

So a New Deal is necessary for the American people and it must start small, in local government, and finally sweep the nation out of the twentieth century. This New Deal must recognize the information technology at our fingertips, the ability of ordinary Americans to decide upon a host of issues simultaneously, as well as relieve us of corruption at the Federal level.

The New Deal I speak of is as follows:

1. Encourage ordinary Americans to become far more active in local government. Today, most people assume that the Federal Government must be run by lawyers and career politicians. Not true; it was ordinary Americans who wrote our constitution, a document modern day politicians could only dream of drafting, and then only after twenty years of partisan bickering led them to draft a totalitarian document.

2. These ordinary Americans must be independent of any political party. A return to a “Nation First” policy in local politics is the only way to rid ourselves of the treasonous two- party system, which is one of the larger goals of this new deal. Independent elected officials are at an advantage when it comes to voting one’s conscience. Party-minded officials are handicapped by a financially backed ideology, which is tantamount to treason.

3. Term Limits for all elected officials must be enacted. Beyond the obvious reasons for this legislation, such as corruption and elitism, we must look beyond the politician’s culture, and allow the vast resourcefulness of Americans to come to bear fruit. There are hundreds upon thousands of Americans who would consider it an honor to serve as a congressional representative, or as a senator. The current batch of politicians considers it their birthright. Currently, ordinary Americans are discouraged from running for National elections for many reasons, not the least of which are the costs of campaigns which have been driven beyond the reach of independent citizens (i.e. Republicans and Democrats have created a system where they can effectively lock out any candidate not of the two parties by spending them into oblivion, which is corruption at its height). Also found in our discouragement is the “incumbent” factor; that Americans will simply cast their ballot for the guy who has been there forever, because “the independent doesn’t have the experience to do the job”. In National politics, experience, especially as it relates to corruption, should be considered a weakness, not a strength. Look at what we perpetuate as we continuously elect these elites who are out of touch with reality.

4. Term Limit Legislation must be effective in both Congress and the Senate. It must be cumulative, meaning that time spent as a Congressperson must reduce time available to serve as a Senator. The maximum allowable amount of time in Washington must be reduced to twelve years, and even that amount of time may be too much to withstand corruption.

5. Term Limits must also be imposed locally, to encourage more participation from ordinary citizens, and reduce the opportunities of the two parties to dominate the local and federal government.

6. In the end, political parties must be outlawed. The dangers of either political party gaining power without opposition are more real today than at any time in our history. Our current economic crisis has created an environment in which one party might well be able to dominate in Washington with little to no opposition from the other party. Power without opposition is the literal definition of Totalitarianism. We already live under a Bitalitarianism, a rule of two parties with no opposition except from each other. Our system has stagnated because of these two parties, and Americans are finding themselves playing second fiddle to party ideology, which both parties claim is really what’s best for America. When timely response is required for action in this nation, the two parties often find themselves bickering over those ideologies, and as a result, necessary legislation is continuously put on the back burner. Such an example is our Social Security system, or our National Healthcare problems. When political parties use wars and our economy as political capital, it’s time to outlaw their existence. No one will miss them when they are gone.

7. On the mortgage front, it’s time to pass legislation outlawing Adjustable Rate Mortgages for individual housing. There is absolutely no reason why fixed mortgages cannot be offered to every American who can afford to purchase a home. Likewise, there must be opportunity for credit challenged Americans to purchase homes of their own, regardless of their credit history. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to require adequate employment compensation, and automatic withdrawals of mortgage payments from a checking account. Americans will qualify themselves for these loans, and legislation can be passed, based on individual FICO scores, as to who currently qualifies. Those who do not should be given opportunity for education in employment procurement and financial responsibility. If you want to buy a home, you must be willing to take responsibility for your purchase. Anyone completing such training and showing job stability should be given a FICO credit to boost their score over the qualification limit. This would ensure that we have done everything necessary to teach Americans fiscal responsibility, as well ensure the viability of every mortgage. It is my belief that once individuals have learned how to be fiscally responsible; once they have learned about the freedom that comes with managing their finances in a positive manner, they will never return to the opposite.

8. Lobbying in Washington must become separated from any and all financial considerations. Lobbyists, or their organizations must be precluded from contributing to individual candidates, and must also be prohibited from contributing in any way to any political party. All financial ties with any lobbying group must be cut to eliminate the lobbyist corruption that occurs locally and in Washington. There is nothing wrong with a group of people representing a certain interest voicing their opinions and concerns, therefore, lobbying should be allowed. But the removal of financial considerations from their arsenal will sever their ability to control legislation, as well as remove implications that corruption takes place at all through campaign and party “donations”. Americans view lobbyists as bribery artists, and the two- party system does absolutely nothing to assuage those fears. To put things simply, lobbyists, and PAC’s should be allowed, but they should not be allowed to give money in any form (trips, gifts, etc.) to any individual or group of politicians in any circumstance. This will help to level the playing field in Washington.

9. Particular attention must be paid toward reducing our budget deficit, and paying down our national debt. Within two years, congress must pass a law that makes balanced budgets nationally and locally the rule, not the exception. If individual Americans are ever to be expected to accept responsibility for their own budgets, then their government must be held equally accountable. The idea that we do not already have a balanced budget law in place is ridiculous, and makes budget deficits that much more likely.

10. Our tax code must be rewritten to reflect the immediate and future needs of America. Whether that tax code resembles our current progressive tax system is something for the bean counters to decide. Immediately, we should form a panel to study our needs, verify feasibility of new tax law, and present its findings within six months. All options must be equally studied. Flat tax, national sales tax (which would more closely resemble a progressive system) and the liability/deduction system must all be examined. Our government wastes billions of dollars administrating the current tax code; it must be changed, and we must be flexible enough to evolve in our administration of any new laws. There is no reason a new tax code could not be written within six months of the panel’s findings.

11. Our elected officials, both local and federal, have long lived without effective accountability. Starting immediately, a law must be passed requiring time limits for every endeavor that Congress undertakes. We will not force legislation to be passed, but at the very least, congress must have a bill brought to the house that can be reasonably explained, and voted upon. The major issues of our day, such as Social Security and Healthcare, require time limits. We cannot afford to wait any longer, and we cannot keep giving our elected officials time to ignore pressing issues. National Internet referendums can help in deciding which issues require time limits. Again, legislation cannot be forced, but the exploration of it, followed by a vote, must be forced, or our congress may continue to put the most politically volatile issues on the back burner. Internet referendums are easily possible through the use of individual and public computers, so there can be no excuse for not voting in these referendums.

12. We must mandate National ID cards immediately. The reasons for this should be obvious. But to explain; technology is available to fashion counterfeit-resistant ID cards that can instantly verify age, residence, citizenship, and driving privileges. Any person within our borders for employment must also be required to carry a National ID card. Short term stays do not require it, but longer term stays must mandate it. This would eliminate voter fraud, underage alcohol purchases, along with a host of other wrongs currently within our system.

13. A Time Limit for renewable energy sources must be imposed, as well as the technology that uses it. Likewise, our Patent Laws must be strengthened so that major corporations cannot lobby Congress to disallow the production of any viable new equipment that takes advantage of our national resources. There is no reason why wind energy should cost the consumer as much as nuclear or coal powered energy, when all studies have shown that wind energy is vastly less expensive. Likewise, when considering the use of Compressed Natural Gas for transportation, we have been told we have a one hundred year supply. Since this is the case, there is no reason why CNG should cost as much, or nearly as much as oil- derived fuels, considering that the cost to mine and deliver CNG is much less expensive. Common sense cost to the consumer must follow every new innovation for it to be considered viable.

14. A complete overhaul of our government procurement system must take place immediately. Everyone has heard about the hammer that cost six hundred dollars. But the type of wasteful spending we see from Washington has mostly to do with failed programs that continue to suck capital from American Taxpayers. Under the balanced budget act, Congress would be forced to look at every Federal program, and would also be forced to cut spending. The only way to reduce taxes is to reduce spending; despite what your presidential candidates claim. You cannot reduce taxes if you continue to spend more than your income, it’s impossible.

There is much more that can be done, but a New Deal for the American people must be an evolving deal; one that can morph to keep pace with changing times and technology. All of the above issues are do-able. As Americans, we are the world’s most innovative citizens, and there should never be a doubt that we can introduce the world’s most efficient and citizen-friendly government. It’s time to eliminate waste and the hot air of lies that come from Washington every election season. Eliminating political parties and introducing firm, Term Limits will go a long way toward solving most of the problems that plague us as a nation. The only thing stopping us is our own inertia. We are the People, and we can change America, despite our politicians.


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  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. politicalpartypooper said

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry I didn’t respond more quickly. My SPAM filter must be on steroids, because it marked a bunch of legitimate comments as spam. I think I fixed the problem. Great to have you here. Keep the faith in our country, we’re all in this together.

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