Posted by politicalpartypooper on October 7, 2008

It’s time for investigations.  Our nation has seen much of its investment assets dwindle in value as the stock market panics over our future, creating a vicious circle of cause and effect.  What caused this?  Many are certain it was the housing bubble, but some are saying it was Wall Street greed. Others believe it was our government.

I think the panic on Wall Street reflects the desperate uncertainty of Americans in determining what the economic landscape will look like in two months, much less six.   I have investors who rely on me for advice and reassurance, and lately, my voice is starting to sound like a broken record.  That’s because after ten years, the market has been flat.  It’s one thing to say “hang in there, the stock market will bounce back”, but when you’re saying it five years after it had to bounce back yet again in 2002, you begin to sound a little mental to your clients, especially when it keeps falling, and falling, and falling, and falling…..

I had one client tell me today that since 1986, he had invested some $400,000 in mutual funds, and to date, his portfolio was worth $432,000.  Do the math.  That’s not even a one percent return in 21 years, which means, basically, for many, the market has been flat for twenty years.

All of that aside, the fact is, Americans are fed up.  They are fed up with shrinking benefits at work, rising health care costs, and dwindling returns on their retirement plans.  They are besides themselves when it comes to Wall Street and our government continuously causing “Joe Six Pack” to lose his money and his future.  What a stupid name for normal Americans; “Joe Six- Pack”.  Asinine.

It’s time to unleash the FBI, and the Secret Service, if securities fraud and government crime is on the table.  American citizens won’t settle for less than every single elected member of our Federal government  being investigated, along with cabinet appointments.  We will want CEO’s and other executives of banks and major wall street firms to be put under the spotlight.  It’s time to make these people accountable.

There is a danger to our country if we do not do this.  It’s called revolution.  Everywhere I go, the people I talk with are ready to revolt against our government.  It isn’t something you see on the surface.  No one is carrying guns around…yet.  But the underlying anger of this mob called America won’t tolerate lies and fraud much longer. We truly are approaching the boiling point.  You can hear it in any conversation having to do with politics.  You can almost feel the tension in any group setting.

There is an overwhelming feeling that many Americans don’t have much left to lose.  Some don’t have anything left to lose at all.  People in those kinds of straights are unpredictable at best; dangerously volatile at worst.

Magnifying the problem is the threat of a Martial Law should our economy dive to beneath the surface.  Americans won’t tolerate it, at all.  The first time it is enforced, people will die, and then the mob will run rampant.  The worst decision our Federal Government could make would be to impose Martial Law, yet somehow, I don’t think they see it that way.

If Americans do not see strict efforts being made to punish the people responsible for this mess, a revolution will ignite.  Bloody or silent it will be, completely dependent upon economic conditions at the time the revolution begins. It may be a simple ousting of elected officials from their incumbent posts.  Iit could be far worse than that.  No one can say with any certainty how deep this could get.

Message to our elected officials:  Almost every American views the crimes committed in this crisis as no less significant than the crimes committed against us on September 11, 2001.  In essence, they view this current crisis caused by greed to be the equivalent of a terrorist attack on their well being.  Americans called for the blood of a nation then; they will call for the blood of their elected officials over this.

So I am begging my elected officials, at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, to pay attention to your constituents.  Listen to us!  Do not allow yourselves a moment’s rest until you have solved this crisis, and punished those who caused it.  Anything short of that could mean revolution, and I truly do not want my country to suffer the pain of that.

It breaks my heart to even think of such a thing occurring in my country, and was unimaginable ten years ago.  I think of my daughter suffering if such a thing were to occur, and I nearly break down in tears.  So, please, please, please, listen to us, and do what’s right.  Put down your political party, and take up your citizenship.  All of you, our elected officials, are Americans first, and party member LAST.  If you have never realized that, remember it now, and let it drive you to scour America, and return our great nation to the people that bleed every day to live here in peace and safety.

Put away partisan politics, they have no place in a free nation where elected officials are supposed to vote their conscience.  Stop protecting party members you know to have committed crimes.  Open your eyes and see your fellow Americans suffering.  Cast aside your party ideology, and embrace One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

It really is that serious.


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