Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 30, 2008

Just another busy day on Wall Street

Just another busy day on Wall Street

I laughed today, on my way back to the office from a meeting, as I listened to the Dow close lower and lower and lower.

I didn’t laugh because people lost money, or jobs disappeared.  I wasn’t even laughing about the point drop.  I was laughing because it just seemed so surreal, knowing this would happen, and being a witness to it.  I laughed because people are people, and in the end, they have a hard time doing what is best for themselves.  I laughed at the mainstream media, and their “sky is falling!” brand of reporting.  I lauged mostly, and most sadly, because America is the mob, and today, the mob panicked.

Of course it was predictable.  Even more predictable was the blame game going on in Washington.  I laughed about that, too.

Do I think this situation in my Country is funny?  No, I do not.

But I do find a sick sense of humor in the lemming-like approach most people take to investing.  I find a macabre sense of humor in the way the Mainstream Media makes its most money whenever disaster strikes.

I find it sad, I find it troubling, and I find that more and more, I am coming to believe that America’s Mainstream Media had as much to do with Wall Street’s meltdown as Wall Street itself.  “The sky is falling!”

The sun was still shining today, and the grass was growing.  The leaves are turning, as leaves are wont to do in Fall.  The streets were filled with bustling people, and everywhere, children were walking home safely from school.

The market took a dive today, but the end of the world is nowhere in sight…

despite what that talking head on television is saying.


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