Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 7, 2008

In the movie The Gladiator, there is a line one of the Roman Senators uses.  “Rome is the mob”.

So is the theme for today’s post.  This year’s election has heated up earlier than usual.  The two sides (are there really only two people running for president?) are already at each others throats, and if the  mainstream media has anything to say, it will only get nastier.  Watching the two party conventions, I became convinced of one thing; there truly is a mob mentality when party members come together for rallies and speeches.

That’s amazing, but not nearly so much as the fact that neither party can see beyond their own ideology.  Visit one or the other’s blog, and leave a comment disagreeing with one person, and you are immediately attacked by the mob.  It makes no difference if what you said was true or not; if you disagree with the mob, you’re wrong.

Watching Sarah Palin and Barrack Obama give a speech is a thing of beauty; until you wake up from the stupor of agreeing with all that they spoke.  Then, you realize that both sides are right, and both sides are wrong; but only if you are an Independent.  If you are a Republican, the Democrats are completely wrong.  If you are a Democrat, the Republicans are just plain silly.  Here in the middle, you are left hoping someone will do the right thing, and break this country from its stupor.

For neither side can be entirely right, but either side will tell you that they are; and their followers will agree wholeheartedly.  God save the man or woman who disagrees with them.  Have you ever seen what happens when a mob attacks one person?

Political parties are becoming almost completely reliant on the mob.  Gone are any new ideas, or any great willingness to compromise in order to do what’s right for this country.  I no more believe John McCain’s “Country First” slogan than I believe Obama “can do it”, when it comes to ending partisan politics in Washington.  So long as political parties exist, Washington will stagnate.

The theme of this year’s election is “Change”.  As in, change Washington, change the way we do things, change taxes, change our reliance on foreign fuel, change our morals, change healthcare, change Social Security, change our underwear.

The call for change has come from the middle, and the left, and the right.  It has come from citizens sick and tired of seeing Congress do nothing.  It has come from watching a president lie and spin and hide.  It has come from economic downturn, and sinking standards of living.  It has come from a new generation of American Citizens who no longer believe that “if it was good enough for my grandparents, it’s good enough for me”. It has grown from the country needing to fix Social Security and Healthcare for over twenty-five years, while neither party has so much as moved a step toward a solution.

This call for change did not originate with Obama or McCain, despite what either one has to say about it.  They call for change to save the country, and their mobs believe them.  I’ve got news for you.  The country isn’t in danger.  The two parties are.

So what is this call for change really about?  It’s about two chronically ill political parties, desperately clinging to their power.  Rather than blame themselves for the mess they are in, they call for change, as if neither had a hand in what is going on in our government.  The left and the right sop up their every word as if it is gospel.  It has to be the other side that is wrong.

The middle, the Independents are left watching this cat-fight, and they are the only ones who know why change is necessary.  It’s not necessary to save the nation.  Real change is only necessary to save the two ruling parties.

What if we independents said, “we refuse to save you, we won’t vote for you anymore.”  What if Independents began a grass roots movement to eliminate Democrats and Republicans from their local elections?  You know, Thomas Jefferson said a nation needs a good revolution every so often.  Revolutions always start at home, with the citizens.  It will be no different now.  The two parties can cry for change all they want, but Independents no longer believe the parties are capable of change, and thus, we no longer believe they are capable of governing.


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